Schools Are Brainwashing Kids to Hate America Through “Ethnic Studies” Curricula

      School lessons teaching vitriolic hatred of America, Christianity, the traditional family, individual liberty, and more are spreading across the country like a deadly cancer. And like cancer, the result will be suffering and death — in particular, death of sanity and civilization, among other victims.

      Under the guise of fighting “whiteness,” government schools from California to North Carolina and everywhere in between are subjecting the captive children in their care to so-called “ethnic studies” programs. These ideological and political brainwashing schemes bring to mind communist re-education programs, critics said.

      As part of “ethnic studies” curricula, children are given classroom instruction on how “race, class, gender, sexuality, and citizenship status are tools of oppression, power, and privilege,” explained writer John Murawski in a piece for RealClearInvestigations blowing the lid off of the newest Marxist indoctrination programs to hit U.S. schools.

      During the lessons, Murawski continued, the children are taught that “colonialism, state violence, racism, intergenerational trauma, heteropatriarchy,” and other real and imagined evils are all linked together by a common thread: “whiteness.” And so, society must be radically transformed along Soviet lines to deal with it.

      Of course, all of this is idiotic to the max. But because children today no longer receive even basic training in logic or real history — most in California cannot even read — they have no way of realizing that they are being manipulated and duped. Instead, the children are unwittingly being weaponized to break down America, liberty, the church, the family, and even civilization itself, literally.

      Some of the examples of what passes for “ethnic studies” boggle the mind. And they show clearly the agenda to use American children to break down society and its institutions.

      For instance, at the Santa Monica School District in California, children are ordered to create and organize a “systematized campaign” for “social justice.” Options including organizing a protest or leafleting. Then the high-school students are supposed to teach the middle-school children about it all.

      An environmentalist “charter” school in Los Angeles, meanwhile, forces students to write a “breakup letter” with some “form of oppression.” Options of “oppression” to break up with include “toxic masculinity, heteronormativity, the Eurocentric curriculum, or the Dakota Access Pipeline,” RealClearInvestigations reported.

      As part of “ethnic studies,” government schools all across the state are also teaching impressionable young children to write political “manifestos” including lists of “demands.” Next up, perhaps, will be instructions on bomb making and revolutionary guerrilla tactics.

      One expert, California Policy Center President Will Swaim, said the scheme basically turns American exceptionalism upside down, painting America as exceptionally evil. “It is remindful of reeducation camps in Vietnam or China,” he said. “It is indoctrination rather than education.”

      And interestingly, even leading tax-funded advocates of this subversion openly proclaim their goals. “I oftentimes think of ethnic studies as radical social action,” said Association for Ethnic Studies boss Julia Jordan-Zachery, chair of the “Department of Africana Studies” at the University of North Carolina, Charlotte. “It is education and knowledge that’s produced to influence social change.”

      With states across the country considering mandatory ethnic studies indoctrination of all children, it is past time for God-fearing, patriotic citizens to recognize that the public-school system is a threat not just to children, but to America and liberty. It is now a national security issue. Civilization and freedom will not survive another generation of this madness.

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