Experts: Investigate Child Rape at Indiana University Kinsey Institute

      Activists and experts from across America converged on Indiana University’s tax-funded “Kinsey Institute” to demand an investigation of its role — and the role of its child-raping founder Alfred Kinsey — in the rape, torture, and sexual abuse of thousands of children. The ghastly crimes of Kinsey and his institute continue to destroy children to this day, they warned.

      Among other concerns, the outraged citizens, dubbed the “Protect Child Health Coalition,” pointed out that this center of perversion was crucial in creating and promoting the so-called “sexual revolution” that has unleashed horrors around the world. They came to Bloomington from 20 states to demand a full investigation of the institute.

      According to attendees and experts, Kinsey is responsible for the rape and sexual torture of countless thousands of children. Child victims have testified that they remember Kinsey paying their rapists to document the abuse under the guise of “science.” A banner at the protest even featured Kinsey’s data on the massive abuse of children perpetrated under the pretext of carrying out “sex research.”

      Kinsey is also to blame for the escalating sexualization of children in government schools today across America and beyond, activists said. They carried banners and signs reading “Protect Children,” “Stop Kinsey,” and “Stop Sexualizing Our Kids,” “Defund and Investigate Kinsey,” among other slogans. Their goal: Justice and protection of children.

      From his base at Indiana University, Kinsey and his colleagues engaged in horrifying “experiments” involving the rape of children and other horrors. This pseudo-scientific “research” — some of which involved “sexual stimulation” of babies and infants as young as 5-months old — has underpinned the ongoing march of sexual hedonism around the world.

      One of those attending the rally last month was Dr. Judith Reisman, the world’s leading expert on Kinsey and his legacy of perversion, child rape, and sexual anarchy. During a stop at Kinsey’s home, which has become a landmark for perverts, Dr. Resiman spoke about what it represents to Kinsey’s victims.

      Indeed, according to Reisman, who wrote multiple books on Kinsey including Sexual Sabotage: How One Mad Scientist Unleashed a Plague and Contagion on America, the global glut of pornography that envelops the globe today had its origins in Kinsey’s attic. From there, Kinsey and his perverted partners from Indiana University reveled in their depravity. Kinsey even hired a photographer to record the countless sex acts that took place there.

      During her talk, Dr. Reisman highlighted some of the ghastly crimes perpetrated by Kinsey and his associates. For instance, when a 4-year-old child who was being sexually abused in his “experiments” began “sobbing” or “fainting” as a result of the abuse, Kinsey recorded those responses as indicating that the experience was “pleasurable” to the victim. Now, these findings serve as the basis for the Comprehensive Sexuality Education destroying children across America.

      Reisman noted that activists were almost successful in securing a federal investigation in the 1990s. But unfortunately for taxpayers, children, and justice, massive tax-exempt foundations such as the Rockefeller Foundation and the Ford Foundation intervened.

      Other speakers included Merrillee Boyack, Director of Family Watch International and PCHC Co-Chair; Alisa Jordheim, President of Justice Society and author of Made in the USA: The Sex Trafficking of America’s Children; Audrey Werner, Founder of the Matthew Xviii Group and author of 10 Tips on How NOT to Talk to Your Kids about Sex; and Cindy Noe, former Indiana State Representative.

      Organizers were outraged. “As a lifetime Hoosier, I was appalled to learn that Indiana is ground zero to today’s sexual revolution,” President of the Indiana Liberty Coalition Rhonda Miller told The Newman Report. “The fact that Alfred Kinsey was able to move here, set up camp at Indiana University and participate in the rape and molestation of thousands of children, is beyond comprehension. How did he ever get away with his crimes? Why was the previous investigation suddenly shut down with no consequences to the university or the Kinsey Institute?”

      “Not only did Alfred Kinsey, by his fraudulent science, determine that children are sexual from birth, but he kicked off today’s porn pandemic by the escapades he held in his attic,” continued Miller, who helped organize the protest. “In addition Hugh Hefner declared he would become a Kinsey pamphleteer, thereby kicking off Playboy.”

      According to Miller and other activists, this support for Kinsey makes Indiana responsible not only for the ubiquitous “sexual indoctrination of our children, a result of Kinsey’s sex education,” but also for the growing porn pandemic. “Therefore, we are officially calling for an investigation into the Kinsey Institute for the crimes committed against children,” she said.

      Kinsey and his associates were monsters. They should have been thrown in prison. Instead, his sexual abuse of children posing as “science” has served to unleash one of the greatest tragedies to afflict mankind — the grotesque “sexual revolution” and all that entails. Worse, it was funded by taxpayers.

      It is past time for an investigation into all of this. And if any perpetrators remain alive, they ought to be brought to justice immediately.

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