UN-Funded “Sex Ed” Teaches US Children Perversion

      Under the guise of promoting “health,” multiple United Nations agencies are funding a radical “sex education” curriculum that teaches American middle-school children between ages 11 and 13 all about homosexuality, lesbianism, transgenderism, and more. Parents, meanwhile, are being misled about the content. Critics are outraged.

      The 6th grade sex-ed program, dubbed HealthSmart and produced by ETR Associates, teaches 11-year-old children that for some children, “it’s as if they were born in the wrong body.” As part of the lesson on “gender identity,” they learn about various “transgender” categories before learning that “transgender people can have any sexual orientation.”

      The children are also bombarded with homosexual propaganda, learning that “some people are sexually attracted to the same sex — boys to boys or girls to girls.” They also learn that some people “are sexually attracted to both sexes.” Among other goals, the program normalizes different types of “sexual orientation.”

      On teaching children to have sex, the program teaches them about “negotiating safer sex practices and the use of condoms.” Obviously, there is nothing in the entire document to discuss why people, cultures, and civilizations throughout history have reserved sexual intimacy for marriage, much less about the fact that God strongly condemns fornication.

      In a sample permission slip obtained by The Newman Report, parents are never told that children will be taught about homosexuality, transgenderism, fornication, and so on. Instead, parents are merely told children will learn about “dating,” “violence prevention,” “human trafficking,” “internet safety,” “nutrition,” “HIV/STD prevention,” “sexual education,” and “drug prevention.”

      In short, parents are being deceived, on purpose, by “education” officials.

      Among the partners and sources of funding listed on ETR Associates’ website are various agencies of the U.S. government, numerous state governments, San Francisco government agencies, the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), the UN World Health Organization, and more. Also listed is the UN Population Fund, which has been caught helping the Communist Chinese government perpetrate forced abortions for population control.

      The controversial UN-funded sex-ed lessons were obtained by The Newman Report from a whistle-blowing middle school teacher in Florida. Due to concerns over potentially being fired or disciplined, especially considering previous disagreements with the school administration, the teacher provided the material on condition of anonymity.

      One of the Florida districts using the UN-funded program is Pasco County School District, which has been the subject of national controversy surrounding policies allowing children to change, shower, and use the bathroom in facilities of the opposite sex. Opposition is growing to the sexualization and LGBT indoctrination of children.

      Local parents and leaders are speaking out. “We’ve been reassured by Superintendent Kurt Browning on several occasions that LGBTQ curriculum is not being taught to our children,” GloriAnna Kirk with told The Newman Report. “These worksheets prove once again that Browning continues to mislead and withhold the truth from parents.”

      “We want to know why he is refusing to be transparent and honest with parents and why he is allowing the sexualization of our children?” Kirk continued. “As a self-proclaiming Christian, Browning is clearly aware that he is disrespecting the values of a majority of the parents whom he represents! Otherwise he wouldn’t be misleading us regarding our own children and publicly denying the truth. This is wrong.”

      “Superintendent Browning is quickly losing the trust of his constituents and this will continue to happen as more and more parents learn the truth,” she added, vowing to continue pressing forward with the mission of protecting Pasco children by informing residents about public-school sexualization of children without parental knowledge.

      The UN has been working to sexualize children in an extreme way for decades. And now, it is all out in the open. Last year, UNESCO released its most grotesque global “sex education” standards in history, demanding that children be sexualized starting in Kindergarten. As UN LGBT Czar Vitit Muntarbhorn put it, “the younger the better.”

      The sexualization and confusion of young children should be recognized for what it is: child abuse. It is destroying the innocence of children, and their future lives, on an industrial scale. With the political class helping impose this evil, only parents will be capable of protecting their children from this juggernaut.

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