Elementary Curriculum Demands Students Be “Agents of Change”

      As part of a “Racial Literacy Curriculum,” elementary-school students across at least eight states are being ordered to become racist “agents of change” and engage in fringe left-wing activism. But the program is stirring nationwide criticism and ridicule after being exposed.

      The controversial curriculum, which targets students from Kindergarten through 8th grade, reads almost like a parody written by conservatives to mock unhinged “social justice” warriors. But it is very real, unfortunately, and the damage it will do to children and America is real, too.

      The bizarre program to turn young children into brainwashed “change agents” for tyranny was first reported by Marina Medvin at Under the headline “ Leftist Activism Is A Requirement Of New Elementary School Curriculum,” Medvin highlighted some of the most grotesque components.

      In 3rd grade, for example, students will learn “Stories of Activism – How One Voice Can Change a Community.” As part of that, students are expected to understand “how we can be agents of communal, social, political, and environmental change.” The following year, 4th grade children will be taught to “critique and dispel Eurocentric perspectives that favor a myopic appearance of race,” the curriculum states. Medvin said this was the most racist component, teaching students to demonize and devalue achievements of any person or nation without enough melanin.

      By the time the inmates at government schools get to their final year of of the “Racial Literacy” brainwashing program in the 8th grade, the students are expected to be full-blown activists. Under the banner “Racism as a Primary ‘Institution’ of the U.S. – How We May Combat Systemic Inequality,” the students will learn how to dismantle what remains of the constitutional Republic created by America’s Founding Fathers.

      Rather than improving their lives through hard work and serving others, children will learn to protest and destroy. “Students will set commitments for rectifying current social ills, such as learning and planning how to carry out anti-racist activism and/or social advocacy in their communities and/or to improve their everyday lives,” the program states.

      Critics expressed shock and outrage. “Questions must be asked of the ethical standard of schools that allow activism in lieu of education and leftist curriculum in place of regular social studies,” fumed‘s Medvin. “Do the administrators favor political activism over scholarship?”

      All of this outlandish and racist brainwashing of young children is taking place even as the U.S. Department of Education admits that more than two thirds of American 8th graders are not even PROFICIENT in ANY core subject. Indoctrinating ignorant children who cannot read or reason is about the dumbest thing anyone could do — unless destroying America and freedom was the goal.

      The government “education” system is not even bothering to pretend that it is educating students anymore. Instead, the “educators” openly celebrate the obscene indoctrination even as they admit that most students have not received anything remotely resembling an actual education. Parents must rescue their children now, before it is too late.

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