Teacher Assigns Obscene “Poem” Praising Sodomy

      A school in Colorado is under fire after ordering students to read and contemplate a bizarre poem featuring sexting with minors, anal rape, and a god of child sacrifice, prompting outrage by students, parents, and taxpayers. Promoting obscenity to minors is a felony in Colorado.

      Now, a girl traumatized after being forced to read the filthy perversion masquerading as “poetry” in front of her class is seeking justice. “I was completely shocked and taken aback by the content,” said Skylar Cason in an interview with Fox News. “I was extremely uncomfortable. I wish I would have gotten some kind of warning.”

      The so-called “poem” in question, written by unhinged pervert Allen Ginsberg, is known as “Howl.” It includes multiple vulgar references to sodomy, reproductive organs, perverse sex acts, drug use, black people, and more. Supposedly an ode to homosexual “love,” the “poem” reads more like the ramblings of a drugged-out, demon-possessed lunatic, critics said.

      “What sphinx of cement and aluminum bashed open their skulls and ate up their brains and imagination?” continues the so-called poem before singing praises to the child-sacrifice-demanding, biblical demon-god known as Moloch. “Children screaming under the stairways! Boys sobbing in armies! … C-cksucker in Moloch!… Moloch who entered my soul early! Moloch in whom I am a consciousness without a body!”

      As part of the “lesson,” students were reportedly required to fill in the blanks in sentences from the “poem” such “f—ed in the a–” and “c—t,” among other outrageous passages taken from the document. Students were also asked about the supposed “symbolism” behind terms such as “granite c—k,” media outlets reported.

      Parents were horrified. “We were completely shocked by the material when we read it,” said Brett Cason, Skylar’s father, adding that there was no notice or opt-out forms provided to parents. “We were blown away. We were thinking, ‘is this really true that we’re reading this and that this is being taught at school?’” His daughter did not even know many of the words in the poem, he added.

      The school, Steamboat Springs High School, issued an apology — but not for forcing children to read the grotesque garbage. Instead, Superintendent Brad Meeks apologized because “parents were not given advance notice that would have allowed them to opt their child out of participating” in something “considered controversial by some.” Apparently the book in question had been approved by the school board.

      Attorney Jeremy Dys with First Liberty Institute, a Christian legal firm, described the episode as a “slap in the face to these parents, and to parents everywhere,” but a common occurrence nationwide. “Students should never feel shame and guilt as part of an assignment at school,” added Dys. “We see this kind of thing around the country all the time.”

      Other critics also expressed outrage. “Teachers have become the predators, and students are the ‘fresh meat’ to be preyed upon in Democrat-run public schools, where almost every teacher, counselor and administrator is a left-wing, Trump-hating, transgender-pushing lunatic,” wrote Mike Adams of Natural News, adding that this “poetry” was literally describing anal rape, demonic possession, and more.

      It was not immediately clear whether prosecutors would charge those involved with promoting obscenity to a minor, which is a felony in the state of Colorado. However, officials in government schools across America have long avoided criminal charges despite blatantly violating the law.

      There appear to be absolutely no lines that government indoctrination centers posing as “schools” will not cross today. These disgusting tax-funded institutions are literally poisoning the minds of America’s youth. Considering what is going, it is now clear that parents who hope to protect their children have no option but to remove them from public school — period.

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