Totalitarians Working to Crush Homeschooling in America

      Perhaps inspired by the murderous regimes of National Socialist Adolf Hitler and International Socialists such as Joseph Stalin and Mao Zedong, American totalitarians are quietly working to subvert homeschooling and educational liberty in the United States. From state legislatures to the U.S. Supreme Court, parental rights and other fundamental liberties are directly in the cross-hairs.

      In New York State, for example, in response to a fiendish drive by Big Pharma-funded politicians to enforce mandatory vaccinations, there has been a surge in parents choosing to homeschool. According to media reports, some areas have seen growth in home-education numbers of more than 50 percent in just one year, even more dramatic than the steady growth being seen elsewhere. Bureaucrats and politicians are outraged.

      To deal with it, there is now a move involving the New York legislature and state education bureaucrats to “outlaw homeschooling,” explained New York Assemblyman David DiPietro during a meeting with citizens in Warsaw, adding that half a million residents may flee the state if the scheming continues. “Even if it is unconstitutional, legislators don’t care. … Corruption drips off the walls in Albany.”

      Also in New York State, officials are persecuting Orthodox Jewish communities, even threatening to close down their schools — known as Yeshivas — if they do not teach what government mandates. Similar demands on Christian and other independent schools, especially if they take even a penny of government money, are coming soon, experts have warned. California is also on the front lines of the battle.

      In Sweden, government first lured all private schools into accepting tax money under the guise of promoting “school choice.” However, by 2012, the rat trap slammed shut, with authorities demanding that all the so-called “free schools” on the government dole ban prayer, start teaching the extremist government curriculum, and more. Homeschooling was banned in the same legislation, causing an exodus of “school refugees” to Finland and other nations that respect basic human rights.

      Meanwhile, a key U.S. Supreme Court decision upholding parental rights, educational freedom, and religious liberty is now being targeted, too. The 1972 ruling, known as Wisconsin v. Yoder, examined the question of whether the Amish people’s parental and religious rights trumped a state statute purporting to mandate government-approved “education” at a government-approved “school” for as long as government demanded. SCOTUS ruled in favor of the Amish.

      Now, statist activists are seeking to overturn that crucial precedent. At a conference held recently at the Columbia University — infamous for its Frankfurt School perverts, the quack socialist “educator” John Dewey, CIA Project MKUltra, and other horrors — strategists plotted how to defeat parental rights and educational liberty by getting Yoder reversed.

      At the summit, one of many planned during an upcoming 30-state tour, the schemers also announced that they had found a collection of plaintiffs to sue in an effort to overturn the pro-liberty opinion from 1972. They argue that a government-approved “education” is actually “a federal right for all children” that takes precedence over the fundamental, God-given rights enshrined in the First Amendment and beyond.

      From the dawn of human history, with a handful of grotesque exceptions such as the fascist society of Sparta, it has always been clear that parents — not the state — retain the primary responsibility over children and their education. Indeed, it was not until Hitler criminalized homeschooling as part of his National Socialist (Nazi) agenda that governments pioneered the idea of criminally prosecuting parents who educated the children God entrusted to them.

      Now, these dangerous totalitarian ideas are becoming increasingly mainstream, worldwide. In 2015, the dictator-dominated UN “Human Rights Council” even approved a resolution demanding that governments and dictatorships monitor and regulate all non-government education — supposedly to enforce “human rights.” And powerful unions such as the National Education Association have been agitating against homeschooling for years.

      Parental rights and educational freedom are among the most basic rights and responsibilities granted by God to His human creatures. But today, totalitarians who think they know better are preparing to wage war on those human rights, even in the United States. Humanity must resist.

      In America, thanks to its traditions of Christianity and respect for God-given individual liberty, as well as the foresight of the nation’s Founding Fathers, it will take time for these autocratic efforts to bear fruit. However, to preserve their fundamental freedoms, Americans must urgently get involved in the fight.

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