Preschool Peddles Transgenderism and Racism to Kids Aged 3-4

      A tax-funded preschool in New York City has been exposed peddling transgenderism, Black Lives Matter propaganda, so-called “queer rights,” and race-mongering to 3- and 4-year-old children, prompting outrage and national ridicule.

      The indoctrination plot was discovered when Rosy Clark, a pre-K teacher, sent a bizarre email to parents earlier this year outlining the subjects that would be pushed on the young children, some of them only recently out of diapers.

      “Everybody has the right to choose their own gender by listening to their own heart and mind,” Clark argued in the note to parents, perhaps oblivious to how unhinged that would sound. “Everyone gets to choose if they are a boy or girl or both or neither or something else, and no one gets to choose for them.”

      In the e-mail, Clark, who is white, also promised to include material from Black Lives Matter’s “Week of Action.” Pointing to Black History Month and Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Clark said the class at PS 58 Carroll School in Brooklyn would be “starting to talk about these ideas now.”

      “I am lucky enough to work at this wonderful school where we strive to help our students understand the complex world around them and think critically about how they can participate in improving it,” she said. “One of the ways I do that in my classroom is by exploring the 13 Principles of the Movement for Black Lives.’’

      The Black Lives Matter curriculum, which has previously been exposed in The Newman Report, calls for teaching the children “transgender affirmation” and “queer affirmation,” described as “everybody has the right to choose who [sic] they love and the kind of family they want by listening to their own heart and mind.”

      The BLM program also calls for mandatory “Ethnic Studies” programming, feminist propaganda, race quotas for teachers, and more.

      Not everybody is amused, though. “I was kind of horrified,” the father of one of the preschool victims told the media. “They say they’re trying to reduce racism and discrimination. To me, they’re perpetuating it, fomenting a sense of victimhood that 4-year-olds would never consider on their own.”


      Why the father continued to send his child there knowing he or she (or they, zee, tree, or whatever) would be subjected to such abuse was not clear.

      The atmosphere at the school appears to be saturated with cultural marxism. One page on its website, for instance, describes the school’s efforts on “Social Justice, Tolerance, Respect, Inclusion, Diversity, Equity” (STRIDE) by the “Diversity Committee” there.

      Books recommended on the page include racist diatribes such as “White Fragility: Why It’s So Hard for White People to Talk About Racism,” and “Stamped from the Beginning: The Definitive History of Racist Ideas in America.”

      Third graders at the school apparently learn that “traditional European tales” are packed with “stereotypes” including “gender roles and the general lack of diversity depicted through the characters.” After learning about the evil of European tales, the students study “a few authentic fairy tales and folktales from other continents which truly brought many of these stereotypes to light.”

      By fourth grade, they learn about the real and imagined evils of colonialism and “the effects of it on existing lands and people.”

      As conservatives lose multiple generations to monstrous ideologies such as socialism, globalism, racialism, and other isms, there should no longer be any debate about why. America is being destroyed because American children are being brainwashed by lunatics and totalitarians. Unless parents put a stop to it, slavery awaits.

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