Coronavirus: Perfect Time to Rescue Children From Public School

      Amid nationwide school closures due to the Wuhan virus (also known as coronavirus and COVID-19), advocates of real education through homeschooling and private Christian schools are pointing to a silver lining: Millions of American children at home, safe from the increasingly extreme indoctrination, sexualization and dumbing down taking place in government schools.

      As school closures were announced, proponents of homeschooling were quick to step in and offer support for the affected families. Online alternatives also jumped in with offers of support, including free classes. Online K-12 school FreedomProject Academy, for example, a partner of FreedomProject Media, released numerous educational videos to the public so that children home from school can learn important history online — for free. Other services are doing the same.

      The Home School Legal Defense Association even provided a guide outlining seven steps for parents who are considering homeschooling amid the ongoing crisis. “ I fully expect that there are going to be a lot of people who are going to point back to the coronavirus pandemic as the time when they started homeschooling and they started their homeschooling journey,” HSLDA attorney Mike Donnelly told Breitbart News for an article about surging nationwide interest in homeschooling

      With most public schools across America closed, parental interest in home education has been soaring — especially as parents see what filth their children are being exposed to. The hope among critics of government “education” is that, with children home for what may be months or more, parents will discover a simple but important truth: Not only are they capable of providing a superior education, it will be fun, too. Countless news articles about the trend have appeared over the last week. 

      Some experts think coronavirus may be just what the doctor ordered to break the government’s practical monopoly over the minds of children. “Despite it being a national health crisis, there could be a positive outcome from Coronavirus,” said education expert Carole Hornsby Haynes, who has a Ph.D in professional education. “It just could be the catalyst for breaking the stranglehold of government schools as parents decide to ‘unschool’ their children and make American education the greatest in the world again.”

      Exodus Mandate chief Lt. Col. E. Ray Moore, who now serves as chairman of the Christian Education Initiative, told The Newman Report that this is actually an incredible opportunity. “This is a unique moment in American history,” said Moore, whose ministry has been working to get Christian families out of the “pagan, godless” government schools for over two decades. “We could be on verge of a sea change in K-12 education.”

      “Is this the ‘tipping point’ that we all have worked and prayed for? Suddenly hundreds of thousands of churches and pastors have nothing but homeschool children to care for,” Moore continued. “What conservative and Christian leaders could not do — that is, persuade, encourage, warn and urge millions of families to leave public schools — the coronavirus has done in several weeks, backed by orders of state governors, President Trump and the federal government.” 

      Moore said pastors must once again become “true shepherds” and lead the children in their congregations to “green pastures and still waters.” Among other things, that means they must wean children and families off the secular, anti-Christian education offered by government, and prod them into good programs such as those offered by FreedomProject, the Foundation for American Christian Education, Alpha and Omega, Apologia, Bob Jones, A Beka, Liberty University on-line, Classical Conversations and many more.

      If something like the coronavirus had struck in 1980, the infrastructure would not have been in place to facilitate an enormous exodus from the government schools into home education and Christian schools. But in 2020, there are now countless state organizations, ministries, organizations, media operations, publications, and millions of homeschooling families to assist in guiding friends and family into making the right choice.

      “We must work hard while it is called today, ‘for the night comes when no man can work’,” Moore said, quoting John 9:4. “Carpe diem.”

      With some 40 million American children home from government school this week amid the virus outbreak, there has never been a better opportunity to rescue America’s embattled youth from the threat of government schools. To get started, consider ordering a copy (or 100 to share) of The New American  magazine’s popular Special Report “Rescuing Our Children.” It outlines the problem, and more importantly, the solution. There has never been a better time to rescue millions of children!

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