Amid Chinese Virus, UNESCO Seeks More Control of Education

      With about nine in ten school children around the world at home due to the coronavirus pandemic, the United Nations’ scandal-plagued “education” agency wants to make sure the indoctrination continues uninterrupted. 

      And so, the global organization’s “education” arm is seeking unprecedented new powers to go with the unprecedented shutdown of schools that swept the globe in recent weeks. Key to the worldwide effort is the UN-backed “Global Covid-19 Education Coalition.”

      The new global coalition is seeking to push more “social-emotional” indoctrination while further standardizing education worldwide, as well as the response to the Communist Chinese virus outbreak. The alliance includes multiple UN agencies, as well as Big Tech companies run by totalitarian technocrats such as Google and Facebook.

      At the center of it all is the UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization. Known as UNESCO for short, the outfit has long been working to centralize power over schools and education worldwide. From perverted global sex-education standards to a “World Core Curriculum” inspired by occultist Alice Bay, the UN agency wants total control.

      Last month, though, the wannabe global school board took it to the next level, convening a meeting of national “education ministers” to discuss “global cooperation” amid COVID19. According to UNESCO Director-General Audrey Azoulay, a French Socialist Party operative, “the responsibility to act is a collective one.”

      Of course, when the UN speaks of a “collective” responsibility, that means that the global outfit — widely ridiculed as a “dictators club” in America — believes that the issue is a UNresponsibility, as opposed to a national, state, local, family or individual responsibility.

      The previous UNESCO chief, Bulgarian Communist Party operative Irina Bokova, regularly used that sort of language. “We have the collective duty to empower every child and youth with the right foundations — knowledge, values and skills — to shape the future as responsible global citizens,” she said in a widely disseminated statement. 

      A recent press release by the UN revealed that the Global Covid-19 Education Coalition will be deploying the “expertise” of various global and globalist bureaucracies to “strengthen support to national educational responses.” That means UN guidance on “distance learning solutions” as well as “supporting teachers and families.”

      “More than ever, learners need to be accompanied as much academically as emotionally,” argued UNESCO Assistant Director-General for Education Stefania Giannini. “This is a wake-up call for education systems to place dedicated efforts on socio-emotional skills – empathy and solidarity.”

      Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) is another buzzword that should be immediately viewed as a red flag among advocates of real education. As The Newman Report has documented repeatedly, SEL schemes are a radical departure from traditional education and move into the “affective” domain.

      In short, SEL programs involve government efforts to instill government-approved values, ideas, beliefs, attitudes, and mindsets in children — oftentimes values that contradict and conflict with those of parents and the taxpayers funding the public schools. It is social engineering and brainwashing. 

      Not content with simply indoctrinating children in government schools, UNESCO and its national-level toadies are openly gunning for private schools, too. French Education Minister Jean-Michel Blanquer, for instance, called for “global collaboration” around the “appropriate regulation of digital learning providers to ensure adherence to rules.”

      On its coronavirus response page, UNESCO claims it is “supporting countries” as they deal with the Communist Chinese Party virus, school closures, and switching to “education for all through remote learning.” Why any government would accept “support” from an agency like UNESCO is a question citizens everywhere should be asking.

      Thankfully, President Trump has officially withdrawn the U.S. government’s membership in UNESCO, an agency that has been run by communists, socialists, quacks, and totalitarians from the start. But that does not mean the threat is over — far from it. People around the world should study up on the UN agency’s subversive agenda, and do everything possible to resist. The future depends on it.

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