Pompeo Blasts Harvard Attack on Homeschooling, Warns of Leftist Indoctrination

      U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo this week became the latest high-profile leader to speak out against the escalating far-left attacks on homeschooling and educational freedom coming from Harvard Law School. He also warned about the radical left’s efforts to indoctrinate American children, which are actually very dangerous.

      “The risk to children is NOT from homeschooling,” the top U.S. government diplomat, who received his law degree from Harvard, explained in a viral post on Twitter that was shared and liked almost 50,000 times. “The risk is from radical leftist scholars seeking to impose THEIR values on OUR children.”

      In the social-media comments, the Secretary of State linked to an anti-homeschooling screed published in Harvard Magazine. Based on the ramblings of Harvard Law Professor Elizabeth Bartholet, the piece claims, without any evidence, that homeschooling poses a “risk” to children and that government should impose a “presumptive ban” on the practice.

      Of course, National Socialist (Nazi) dictator Adolf Hitler was the first to criminalize home education. In his view, only the Nazi Reich could be trusted to shape the minds of children — certainly not parents, some of whom might be Christians and reject Hitler’s National Socialist insanity. Bartholet appears to hold similar views when it comes to the role of government uber alles.

      According to Bartholet, who serves as the Wasserstein public interest professor of law and faculty director of the Law School’s Child Advocacy Program, homeschooling violates a child’s right to a “meaningful education.” She also claims it will prevent children from properly contributing to a “democratic society” and that parents might protect their children from “community values.”

      More importantly, perhaps, Bartholet expressed concern that the overwhelming majority of homeschooling families are conservative Christians, whom she equated with science denial, female subservience, and white supremacy. Countless liberal and secular homeschoolers lashed out, and Bartholet was left looking like a dishonest fool.

      To advance her agenda, though, Bartholet and another totalitarian are hosting an invitation-only anti-homeschooling summit this summer at Harvard Law. The other chief organizer, James Dwyer of William and Mary Law School, has argued that the parent-child relationship only exists because the state confers it through paternity and maternity laws. He wants parental rights to be obliterated.

      However, as The Newman Report has documented, the response to these totalitarian schemes have been almost universal condemnation and ridicule by the public. At Harvard Law, the comments debunking Bartholet’s arguments came in so fast and so furious that the comment section was shut down. Multiple Harvard Law grads who were homeschooled were especially outraged. Harvard’s Kennedy School will host a pro-homeschooling conference to counter the fringe attacks.

      Ironically, the anti-homeschooling article in Harvard Magazine had to fix a giant spelling error on the graphic. The image showed a homeschooled child imprisoned in a house of books — reading, writing, arithmetic, and the Bible, with arithmetic spelled wrong. The arguments made in the article were also easy to debunk. If those concerns are serious, though, then a much better argument could be made for having a presumptive ban on government schools.

      The data on home education versus government schools is robust and clear. On average, homeschooled children do far better on academics, socialization, tolerance, logic, and careers than victims of government schools. Children in government schools are also drastically more likely to be abused, with federal data showing one in ten children will experience sexual abuse by a school employee before graduating high school.

      It is great news to see top-ranking officials of the U.S. government expose the totalitarian agenda of the radical left, which includes a deliberate effort to indoctrinate America’s children into their dangerous ideologies. Already, 70 percent of millennials in polls identify as socialists. But with enough push back, the ideas of Bartholet and other tyrants can be put in the trash where they belong.

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