Elementary School Librarian (AKA Leatherman) Hosted Male Prostitute Drag Queen

      An elementary school librarian in Austin, Texas, who goes by the nickname “Leatherman” during perverted sex shows, invited a convicted male prostitute “drag queen” to read to young children while dressed in female clothing. It all happened during the school district’s “LGBTQ+ Pride Week.” Yes, seriously.

      An investigation by activists revealed that the drag queen, a man named David Lee Richardson but who uses the stage name “Miss Kitty Litter,” had a criminal record that included a conviction for prostitution. Perhaps even more alarming, the librarian, sex fetishist Roger Grape, helped him conceal that using a loophole so he could read LGBT stories to young children.

      The scandal, first reported by the pro-family group MassResistance, surrounds the Blackshear Elementary School, a so-called “magnet” school that describes itself as a “fine arts academy.” Few parents who sent their children there, though, imagined that the “magnet” school would be a magnet for perverts seeking to sexualize and groom their children.

      MassResistance managed to obtain text messages between the two men plotting how they would skirt the background check and allow the male prostitute and sex offender to access the children. It hinged on a technicality: Instead of having a “conviction,” the drag queen had “deferred adjudication,” which means that the judge “defers” giving a guilty verdict even though the defendant pleads guilty.

      In the text message exchange, the two sex-crazed fiends can barely contain their excitement, speculating that the kids would “LOVE Miss Kitty Litter ATX.” Then they make fun of Tracy Shannon, the Texas leader of MassResistance who had previously exposed the male prostitute when he was doing the “Drag Queen Story Hour” at the local library.

      The books that were read included Julian is a Mermaid, a story of a boy who dresses like a girl and pretends to be a “mermaid.” Also on the list was “Red: A Crayon’s Story” that normalizes the concept of a sex-change in children’s minds. Other books on the list normalize “gender fluidity,” homosexuality, transgenderism, and more.

      When parents complained and asked the school to excuse their son from participating in the LGBTQ+ festivities, Principal Rick Garner responded by apparently lying. “All our guests have been screened,” wrote Garner, even though school officials deliberately did not properly screen the sex offender so that he would be allowed to sexualize children.

      The librarian responsible for all of this, meanwhile, is part of a group called Austin Gears. Among other activities, the organization promotes bondage and sado-masochism (BDSM), and other sexual fetishes and perversion. Aside from working in an elementary school for over 15 years, Grape, it turns out, is also a well known member of the sex group, with MassResistance finding a photo of him “performing” and making obscene gestures having to do with homosexual acts so extreme that they cannot be mentioned here.

      “Roger is Mr Austin Gear 2017 and is active in the Austin leather/bdsm community,” says his profile right on the group’s home page. “He is co-chair of ArtErotica 2020, and can often be found flogging men at Gear Night.” According to the site, the club is for men “interested in leather, rubber, uniform, sport, and all gear fetish.” Sounds like a great place to recruit employees for an elementary school!

      “Most people don’t realize that this general problem has been in schools across the country for a long time. And it is far worse than anyone imagines,” explained MassResistance in its post exposing this, adding that school officials treat parents who object to this filth with disdain or worse. “From top to bottom, schools have attracted a frightening generation of employees.”

      Government schools even in conservative Texas are going out of their way to expose children as young as 5 and 6 to extreme perversion that would have been unfathomable just a few years ago — grooming that in a sane society would be considered a crime. Only parents can protect their innocent young ones from this evil, because clearly the government is not going to do it. It’s time to get out.

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