“Christian” World Vision Attacks Homeschooling Schools

      The ostensibly “Christian” charity World Vision has joined a coalition of left-wing organizations in Brazil to attack home education, a popular educational option for Christian and even some secular families worldwide. The group, which has been on the anti-freedom bandwagon for years, claimed homeschooling and parental rights supposedly “pose risks” to children.

      The assault on biblical norms and fundamental human rights from the supposedly “Christian” group comes despite decades of research showing homeschooled children typically do better on every metric — academic, social, and more. It also comes as interest in homeschooling is surging worldwide due to the coronavirus shutdown and a loss of confidence in government “education.” 

      “In addition to being unconstitutional, homeschooling poses risks to children and adolescents,” claimed the freakish coalition of fringe leftwing groups and the “Christian” aid organization in the manifesto. Among other concerns, the groups cited misleading government propaganda and claimed that children were at serious risk of suffering from violence and abuse at the hands of their own parents and families.

      “The Brazilian branch of World Vision, which was founded by evangelicals, should fulfill an evangelical mission, and not ally with left-wing groups that constantly attack evangelicals and their values,” wrote popular Brazilian evangelist and homeschooler Julio Severo, noting that the attack on home-education relies on dishonesty and deception.

      “If the manifesto were honest, especially with the presence of a large evangelical group that has an international operation, it would praise homeschooling and denounce relationships outside of marriage,” wrote Severo, adding that most of the “family” violence occurs in non-traditional “families” that are highly unlikely to homeschool anyway. “But the manifesto does the opposite: it uses the obvious higher violence of relationships outside of marriage, so defended by the left, but prone to abuse, as evidence that homeschooling would be bad.”

      Severo suggested that the attacks are being leveled because “a conservative married father and mother who educate their children threaten the hegemonic ideological indoctrination of the left in schools.”

      Other groups that joined the disgraced “Evangelical Christian” group include a black supremacist organization that advocates for abortion and homosexuality, along with numerous overtly globalist and socialist organizations that despise Christianity and the Bible. 

      “Thousands of evangelicals in the U.S. and other countries send donations to World Vision to feed children, not to feed left-wing anti-family fanaticism,” Severo concluded, adding that only socialists would suggest government schools are safer for children than their family home. “It is time for Christians who send their donations to World Vision to ask questions of this organization that should be at the service of the Gospel and the welfare of children, not the welfare of socialism.”

      World Vision has clearly lost its way. This writer has seen its outlandish anti-Christian propaganda in favor of globalism and socialism all over United Nations conferences around the world. In response, this writer sought answers years ago, received none, and eventually ended all financial contributions to the organization.

      It is now irrefutable: Government schools are becoming futuristic dystopian prisons aimed at indoctrinating, grooming, and tracking every child from birth while molding them into useful and compliant cogs in the globalist-technocratic machine. Parents Attacks on homeschooling from anti-Christian totalitarians are to be expected. But when fake “Christian” organizations join in, it is time for Christians to speak out in unison: The Bible makes clear that parents are to be in charge of the upbringing and education of their own children, not Caesar. World Vision should apologize immediately or return its donors’ money extracted under false pretenses.

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