Sex Ed Indoctrination Must Go On Amid COVID, California Says

      Grotesque sexualization and LGBTQ+ brainwashing of children by public schools masquerading as “sex education” must go on despite the coronavirus lock downs, according to education officials in California. Some of the materials touted include lies that are literally deadly.

      In short, education officials warned that whether schools were shut down or not, districts and schools “cannot simply skip” the sex and LGBT indoctrination. That is because it is “mandated instruction” under the so-called “California Healthy Youth Act,” explains a communication obtained by The Newman Report.

      The warning came in an April 20 e-mail to the “California Health Education Community of Practice,” more commonly known as the state legions of “sex” educators. It was sent by “Health and Wellness Administrator” Dareen Khatib with the Orange County Department of Education.

      Despite being sent by a county bureaucrat, the notice referred on multiple occasions to “guidance” and “mandates” from the state Department of Education. Also, the county-level bureaucracy received a multi-million dollar grant to help it “lead the way” in implementing the state’s widely criticized new “health” (sex) standards that sparked a national scandal.

      The curriculum recommended for “distance learning” in the communication is among the worst of the worst when it comes to promoting and normalizing every conceivable form of perversion, according to experts who have analyzed various resources.

      Ironically, the official letter warns that filter settings on home devices may block the “sexual health education content and/or LGBTQ+ related resources and website.” Not to worry, though — California’s insanely creepy education establishment has determined these materials are “appropriate,” Khatib claimed.

      It is not surprising to see why filters would block it out. The Newman Report has previously highlighted some of the brazenly pornographic material included in the programs, which encourages fornication and includes obscene visuals that could be considered a felony when given to children in many states.

      Perhaps the most alarming element of the communication is its recommendation of the “Rights, Respect, Responsibility” (3Rs) curriculum. Created by Advocates for Youth, a partner of tax-funded abortion behemoth Planned Parenthood, the program received the most harmful ranking possible from Family Watch International.

      The content would be appalling even to the most “progressive” parents. For instance, a 7th grade worksheet on the relative risks of various behaviors informs students that “anal sex using a condom correctly” is a “low risk” sexual activity, even claiming condoms offer “very good protection” during sodomy.

      Unfortunately for the child victims sodomized as a result of this false propaganda, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) warned that even perfect and consistent condom use is only between 60 and 70 percent effective in preventing venereal diseases such as HIV/AIDS during anal intercourse. In short, these lies will literally cause children subjected to this program to die prematurely.

      Also under 3Rs, children are exposed to gender confusion and homosexuality starting in kindergarten, learning that girls can supposedly have male genitalia and vice-versa. By first grade or before, indoctrination into gender theory and efforts to undermine traditional “gender roles” are unleashed. Abortion is also heavily promoted as children are groomed to be activists and sexual hedonists.

      Throughout elementary school, the children will be exposed to images that have been widely condemned as pornographic, including cartoons in books such as It’s Perfectly Normal. By the time the children are 11 years old, in sixth grade, if not before, they will learn about how to search the Internet for information on sex to become a “sex ed sleuth.”

      As officials were warning educators not to skip the deadly sex fanaticism with roots in the fraudulent research of Alfred Kinsey and his pedophiles, the state government was simultaneously warning churches not to meet. Then, when protests over alleged racism broke out, everyone forgot all about it. Obviously, Californians are being deceived.

      The priorities of California’s education establishment are clear: sexualization and grooming uber alles. Mountains of research, including studies by Dr. Melvin Anchell, proves this extremism is extraordinarily harmful to children. If parents do not protect their own children from this evil, nobody will.

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