Ten Observations From 2020

      There are endless lists at the end and at the start of every year, so I decided to weigh in on the fun. You have absolutely no idea how hard it was to narrow this down to ten things.

      This list could have been dozens, but here are ten things I learned in 2020.

      More Americans Distrust the Media
      10. Trust in the liberal media is at a record low; and for good reason. But a Gallup poll reveals that more than eight in 10 Americans (83%) say the media bears “a great deal” (47%) or “a moderate amount” (36 %) of blame for political division in the United States.

      Agreed. We have never seen such disrespect of a president, a divide among people, and a complicit media stoking the flames on things such as Covid-19, racism and Black Lives Matter, social issues, religious freedom, all things Trump and election-related, hiding any good news while 94 percent of reporting was negative on Trump.

      Harsh Restrictions on Religious Freedoms
      9. Restrictions on churches and worship services have been something the left has wanted to implement for years. Governors shut down some churches, fined others, and put limitations on how we were to hold services as well as how many people could attend.

      Plus, for the first time in our history, churches were closed on Easter Sunday, the most important holy day of the year for believers in Christ. Thanksgiving and Christmas also came under attack and we were warned about gathering with family in our private homes!

      Historic Election Fraud?
      8. Democrat candidates no longer have to campaign for president. Their supporters can commit voter fraud in swing states, cheat in national elections – and get away with it – with the help of the Democrat media conglomerate. They just said, “you’re crazy… there is no evidence of voter fraud… don’t believe your eyes; repeat after us…”

      The deep state and the left are masters at gaslighting (making you think you’re crazy). Dozens of people came forward as witnesses to election issues and signed sworn affidavits. Issues were exposed with mail-in ballots, dead voters, duplicate voters, the Dominion voting machines and server issues, and we are just scratching the surface.

      Super Bowl Halftime Sex Shows
      7. It was raunchy, offensive, and blatantly sexual. Some said it was degrading to women. Others called it ’empowering.’ But it sure wasn’t surprising because it was J-Lo and Shakira. The 2020 Super Bowl Half-Time Sex Show featuring plenty of suggestive dancing, hip thrusting, booty shaking, tongue-wagging, crotch grabbing, and J-Lo showing young girls how to work a stripper pole.

      The media, NFL, Pepsi, and celebrities loved it. Some moms complained. But it was a sobering reminder that untold millions of Americans have forgotten how to blush.

      National Anthem Protests
      6. Speaking of the NFL, did you ever think you would see the day when defunding the police would be a thing? Kneeling to protest America’s National Anthem is encouraged while the few athletes who do stand for the Anthem are considered courageous.  

      Welcome to new woke sports where social justice reigns and everyone must submit. The BLM-NBA is even worse because they unapologetically work with China and Nike as they push the false narrative of “systemic racism.” And TV viewership continues to plummet.

      The Great Godless ‘Reset’
      5. More than half of Americans are unfamiliar with the World Economic Forum’s “Great Reset,” a global, socialist movement that, if implemented, will drastically impact our freedoms, system of capitalism, work, travel, and home life! These certainly are the most prophetic times in history.

      Meetings of power elites took place last year to discuss how to control populations and implement their “solutions” to the world’s problems.  They say the coronavirus pandemic is a “historic opportunity to change the way the world operates… and reset capitalism.” Be warned. There is a demonic dimension behind these globalists wanting to usher in a new world order. And we’re one step closer.

      God is Just a Big Drag
      4. Gender rebellion continues virtually unchecked. Has the Christian church surrendered to this moral relativism on steroids? Have conservatives caved to the gender bullies? Or has the country concluded drag queens are good teachers for children, men can have babies, and young women must now compete with biological males in school sports?

      They have removed God as Creator and redefined biological truth about male and female. Where is the public outcry? What happened to protecting women and girls from men in their bathrooms and dressing rooms? Tax dollars now help fund transgender surgeries. What is it going to take to wake us up from this insanity being endorsed and promoted by Hollywood, the media, corporations, public schools, and the Democrat Party?

      Deception, Delusion, and Depraved Minds
      3. A strong delusion and depraved mind is now consuming our culture and country. We saw this coming, and the deception has crept into the church! But as lawlessness increased in our streets, law enforcement was told to let it happen. Businesses were destroyed and innocent people died. Unarmed statues were vandalized or taken down, our history is being edited and erased, immoral agendas are being pushed, and people are being programmed to accept it all.

      There will be no revival without repentance and no awakening without godly leaders sounding the alarm! The lukewarm, Laodicean church keeps falling further away from God and looking more like the world. Evil is being called good and many churches are still closed. Where are the watchmen, the truth defenders, and patriot pastors?

      Mask Mandates & Social Distancing 
      2. Is it “Science” or is it a big Masquerade? How much damage, depression, and death has been caused by isolation and wrecking the economy? Masks and social distancing never sat well with many Americans while others swear by them. These were two of the biggest forced lifestyle changes in our history; they are as debated as they are divisive.

      Even so-called experts disagree on masks and social distancing, and as a result, people have taken sides. There is guilt and shaming and virtue signaling and tempers flaring in our civilized society. Most people just want to get in and out of a store as fast as possible and God-forbid you have to talk to someone!

      What are we becoming? The bottom line is we would all be much better off if we got back to truly loving our neighbors. And by the way, the virus is very real. The numbers are not.

      Endless Mandates, Restrictions, Shut-Downs?
      1. They keep ‘moving the goalposts.’ Will we see endless mandates and shutdowns? Remember when it was just “14 days to flatten the curve” to not overwhelm the health system? That was nearly a year ago! Now some are talking about a dark winter, a second wave, contact tracing, a cashless society, a new virus, masks, vaccines, and Covid-21!

      Isn’t there is something more sinister going on here? Doesn’t this seem like an agenda to gain control of a powerful country and change how the world operates? Shutting down an entire economy? What’s next?

      This is one reason why we read the Bible and study prophecy.

      We cannot trust the media, but we can trust God. It’s a good thing He is still sovereign, the Spirit still working, the church is still essential, and Christ will be returning sooner than we think. Let’s be ready! Fear not, friends.

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