NC Teacher Union Boss Unmasked As Maoist Revolutionary

      North Carolina teachers union boss Bryan Proffitt is a self-proclaimed Marxist associated with revolutionary group “Liberation Road” that follows the deadly teachings of Karl Marx and mass-murdering dictators such as Chairman Mao Zedong and Vladimir Lenin. The revelations sparked alarm nationwide over the infiltration of government “education” by dangerous subversives.

      The radical revolutionary dedicated to overthrowing America’s constitutional system of government already had a long history of unhinged comments prior to being selected as vice president of the North Carolina Association of Educators (NCAE). In fact, he wrote “white papers” for the organization on how to get “young people” involved in “building a revolutionary movement.”

      Among other tactics, he urges communist revolutionaries to target schools in the effort to bring about revolution. “Build a common project or campaign with folks who are in social movement organizations, community organizations, unions, schools, and revolutionary organizations,” Proffitt taught his fellow revolutionaries in the “struggle paper.”

      In a 2008 interview cited by The National Pulse, the labor leader and teacher explained that he was a revolutionary because “capitalism has to go.” But it is not even just economic freedom that Proffitt is dedicated to destroying. Also on the list of targets for elimination: patriarchy, biology (the fact that there are only men and women), heterosexuality, and more.

      “To build a revolutionary party, we’re going to have to reform a lot of that stuff along the way,” Proffitt declared in that interview. His group, Liberation Road, also makes clear in its “Unity Statement” that members must follow the teachings of Chairman Mao, history’s most prolific mass murderer estimated to have slaughtered over 50 million people while working to “reform a lot of stuff along the way.”

      While the fringe group Liberation Road is extremely radical, it is also becoming influential. That is true in politics, especially. According to an analysis in the Epoch Times by Trevor Loudon, a top researcher on communist movements in the United States, it was the Liberation Road that flipped Virginia from Republican state to solidly Democrat. It has also infiltrated the Democratic Party.

      With Proffitt and other revolutionaries infiltrating education and labor, that power is magnified. Consider that the North Carolina Association of Educators where he is vice-president had over $8 million in revenues. The union also has almost 45,000 members, many of whom are used as activists and a giant voting block to upend the political system.

      And those tens of thousands of teachers have something even more valuable to the revolution than votes, union dues, and the ability to bully the people’s elected representatives. Far more alarming, they have direct access to the minds of hundreds of thousands of impressionable and captive children, as well as tentacles extending into the homes of countless government-school families.

      To understand how dangerous this is, consider the statements on Liberation Road’s own website. “There is also much to learn from the countless fighters who have helped scout the terrain ahead,” it says, identifying Republicans as the “main enemy” of the revolution. “These include not just Karl Marx and V.I. Lenin and Mao Zedong, but Malcolm X, …, Antonio Gramsci,… and many, many more.”

      One of Proffitt’s specialties appears to be whipping teachers into a frenzy so they can terrorize the people’s elected representatives into handing over more taxpayer money. In both 2018 and 2019, as co-chair of the NCAE “Organize 2020 Racial & Social Justice Caucus,” the Maoist even organized teacher protests that shut down schools as “educators” marched to the state capitol.

      Parents handing their children over to be “educated” by subversive lunatics like this are inevitably going to lose not just their own children and families, but even the nation and freedoms that so many generations of Americans sacrificed so much to secure. Unfortunately, this is not limited to North Carolina — it is a national and even a global crisis.

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