Chinese Communists Buying Up UK Schools

      Communist Chinese operatives are buying up elite private schools across the United Kingdom and weaponizing them to indoctrinate British children with totalitarian propaganda, according to U.K. news reports sounding the alarm. One critic blasted it as part of Beijing’s “neo-colonial project.”  

      Already, Communist Chinese “companies” have purchased at least 17 U.K. schools, including the elite prep school attended by the late Princess Diana. At least nine of those purchased by Chinese firms are under the leadership of senior members of the Communist Party.  

      Hundreds of additional British schools are already being targeted for takeover, the Daily Mail reported. As the British government’s crazed response to the Communist Chinese virus devastates the economy, the takeovers are expected to accelerate.  

      Critics are already sounding the alarm. “China’s strategic understanding and reach means that they have an advantage in seeking to influence others and using established brands, including some of our own, to achieve that position,” explained Conservative Member of Parliament Tom Tugendhat.

      MP Tugendhat, who chairs the Foreign Affairs Committee, emphasized that the British need a plan to respond to the issue. “We need to decide what it is we are prepared to defend, but before that we would need to understand what it is we want,” he was quoted as saying.  

      One of the major players in the scheme is known as “Bright Scholar,” a front for the Communist Party of China run by the daughter of Yang Guoqiang, a member of the mass-murdering Party’s top advisory council. It owns a number of U.K. schools and a network of colleges now.

      At least two other elite private schools are now owned by a fund backed by the “Wanda Group.” The CCP company was founded by Wang Jianlin, a former People’s Liberation Army official who now serves on Beijing’s senior Communist Party advisory council.

      Another two schools were purchased by the China First Capital Group. According to the Mail, the “company” has multiple senior Communist Party of China members on its board.

      At least one of the CCP “companies,” Ray Education, revealed the agenda behind the school acquisitions on its website. From trying to use well-known British names for its “global campus plan” to expanding CCP’s global influence, there is a method to the madness.  

      Under “international market,” Ray Education, led by CCP chief “James” Hu, boasts that it is “relying on British brand schools and responding to the Belt And Road call [of the Communist Chinese government]” to expand its influence in education around the world.  

      The Belt and Road scheme is a long-term plan by the CCP to radically expand its influence over commerce, politics, and even education across Eurasia, Africa, and beyond. Basically, if the mass-murdering dictatorship gets its way, all roads will lead to Beijing.

      Across the United States, Communist Chinese Party-controlled “Confucius Institutes” are already pumping propaganda into the impressionable minds of American students. Despite the scandal, these CCP operations are once again spreading under Joe Biden.

      Meanwhile, a giant network of charter schools operated by a controversial Islamic leader from Turkey are raking in massive amounts of tax funding. The schools have been repeatedly plagued by scandal surrounding indoctrination and other criticisms.

      Communist Chinese totalitarians are targeting elite British schools for the same reason Western totalitarians have targeted young minds through “education” for generations: the path to future power runs through the schooling of the next generation. British and American parents must wake up.

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