Congress Plots Nationalization Of Civics Education

      If you thought Common Core was bad, hang on to your hats. Establishment politicians in Congress from both parties are plotting to nationalize the teaching of civics, all but ensuring that the unhinged obsession with indoctrinating children will be supercharged to dangerous new levels.

      Experts are warning of disaster. Indeed, under the absurdly named “Civics Secures Democracy Act,” the lies, fake history, LGBT fanaticism and hyper-race-mongering that now permeates indoctrination centers in California and Illinois will soon be in every government school nationwide. 

      History and civics are both in the cross-hairs. And despite the relatively innocuous-sounding language in the legislation, experts and analysts say it will open the door wide for Washington, D.C., to shove Critical Race Theory and “community organizing” into every government school in America. 

      Virtually everyone agrees that American children do need better instruction on history, government, and civics, explained former Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction Diane Douglas. And of course, they would be right, as current events show clearly. 

      However, those naively supporting the bill in hopes that it will improve the quality of civics education “have no clue what the system will do with the funding or what the very broad language of the bill will allow educrats to do with the funding,” Douglas told The Newman Report. 

      “This bill, in my humble opinion, will provide the authority AND funding for state education agencies, local education agencies, and more to throw the door wide open to develop a whole new instructional model of history, government and civics – Critical Race Theory, 1619, revisionist history to name a few,” added Douglas, who now serves on the advisory board of Public School Exit.

      “The definitions of civics and ‘civic skills’ found on pages 4 and 5 can easily be translated into the classroom as social activism or community ‘organizing,’” she continued. “All of this will help create little socialists ready, willing and able to do battle against their families, America and God.” 

      Under the bill, which did not have a bill number by press time, the federal government would borrow and print over a billion dollars that it does not have to spend on new “grants” and schemes that are not authorized in the Constitution. That money would go to states, crony “non-profits,” colleges, universities, and “researchers.”

      The bill would also fund a new “fellowship” named after 18th century free-masonic leader Prince Hall, the founder of “Black Freemasonry” in the United States. The goal of that, according to a press release by lawmakers about the bill, is to “strengthen and diversify the American history and civics teaching workforce.”

      A handful of Republicans with no regard for their oath of office jumped on the bandwagon. And naturally, they issued statements that — if not for the obvious constitutional issues — might sound appealing to naive conservatives who do not know enough civics or history to realize that this is a recipe for more disaster.

      For instance, Senator John Cornyn (RINO-Texas), who apparently does not know what form of government America has (it’s a REPUBLIC), claimed the bill would “teach all young Texans the value of freedom.” Teaching them what form of government America’s founders created would be a good start.

      Of course, if Cornyn and the other lawless politicians behind this lobbyist-created legislation wanted to be involved with education, they should have run for school board instead of Congress. The federal government was never intended to play any role in education, and the Constitution itself strictly prohibits it.

      But even more outrageous is the idea that a Constitution-defying federal monstrosity involved in teaching civics will somehow promote “freedom.” It is self-evidently absurd. And if Common Core taught America anything aside from incorrect math, it is that almost everything the federal government touches turns to garbage.

      If you thought the regime’s indoctrination centers posing as “public schools” could not possibly get any worse, just wait until the feds begin micromanaging civics and history, too. There are no government solutions to the catastrophe that is America’s “education” system. 

      Like the Titanic, re-arranging the deck chairs or polishing the brass will do no good. Sensible people who love their children must abandon the sinking vessel as quickly as possible to avoid certain doom — not just for their children and families, but for the nation itself.

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