AZ Parental Rights Bill Reins in LGBT Indoctrination

      Arizona lawmakers passed legislation that would force government schools to secure parental consent before subjecting children to indoctrination on homosexuality and transgenderism, sparking an outcry from the LGBT lobby and media propagandists posing as journalists. The bill also prohibits “sex education” before 5th grade.

      Widely described as a measure to protect “parental rights,” the bill still allows government schools to teach children extreme so-called “sex ed” in from 6th grade on. However, the legislation, known as SB 1456, mandates that the sex-ed curricula be made available to any parents who would like to see it.

      That little bit of transparency offered to parents got LGBT activists and their Democrat allies very upset — obviously because they want to teach children material that they know very well normal parents would find unacceptable. And thus, hysteria and absurd accusations flew, with the fake media joining in to parrot the charges.

      “It’s clearly meant to highlight that there is something different about gender identity and gender expression,” whined Rep. Diego Rodriguez, a Democrat who fought against the effort to let parents decide what their children would be exposed to. “And that difference is something that should be feared.”

      Other lawmakers, though, sounded puzzled by the hysteria. “Why is everyone so afraid of parents being aware of what their children are being taught?” wondered Arizona Representative Jacqueline Parker (R-Mesa), echoing the concerns of parents across the state curious about what the sex “educators” were trying to hide from the people who pay their salaries.

      The bill passed largely along party lines in the State House and Senate, with Republicans in favor and Democrats mostly voting against it. It was not immediately clear whether squishy Republican Governor Doug Ducey would sign the measure in the face of an intense lobbying campaign by LGBT groups and their media allies.

      Advocates for parents and families said it was important, though. “In the end, parents won because SB 1456 acknowledges parents have the fundamental right to control what, when, and how their children will learn about human sexuality – not the culture or the government,” said Center for Arizona Policy President Cathi Herrod in an email celebrating the bill’s passage and encouraging Ducey to sign it.

      By contrast, radical LGBT activists such as the “Human Rights Campaign,” the powerful hate group behind the anti-Christian “Equality Act” targeting churches that do not bow down to LGBT ideology, were fuming. “Over and over, we have seen that bills requiring parental consent for sex education disproportionately and negatively impact LGBTQ children,” complained HRC boss Aphonso David.

      Not surprisingly, government “education” officials echoed that line, with State Superintendent Kathy Hoffman releasing a statement describing the bill as “state-codified bigotry” against homosexuals and gender-confused individuals. “This legislation will once again silence and erase LGBTQ individuals and their history in our schools, and it will harm students and families,” claimed Hoffman.

      In reality, while her predecessor in the top education spot, Diane Douglas, celebrated the bill as “a little bit of good news for Arizona parents,” she recognized that even if the governor signs the bill, “government schools will find a way around it.” Former State Superintendent Douglas now encourages families to exit the government school system entirely.

      The fact that top-level government-school bureaucrats are so up in arms about having to ask parents before sexualizing and promoting LGBT propaganda to little children should tell you everything you need to know about the “education” system. The only real answer is for families to abandon government’s indoctrination centers entirely.

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