Teachers Told To Hide Curricula From Parents, Create Phony Materials

      Facing public outrage over racialist indoctrination of children, government-school teachers in Missouri were instructed to hide the extremist content they were using and create fake materials to deceive parents about what was being taught. The incident has now become a national scandal as the district goes into damage-control mode.  

      According to news reports about the explosive revelations, the real curriculum included shaming children of European heritage based on the claim that they have “white privilege.” The same program, based in the debunked Marxist worldview known as “Critical Race Theory,” also taught students with more melanin in their skin that they are victims who must find ways to access “power.”

      One of the materials being used in the classroom, “Intersectionality 101,” was produced by the fringe left-wing hate group known as the Southern Poverty Law Center. Among other controversies, the organization praised domestic terrorist Bill Ayers. It also inspired domestic terrorist Floyd Corkins, who shot up the Family Research Council in D.C. after being radicalized by SPLC hate propaganda.  

      Another resource used for 5th grade students included a handout with the claim that Michael Brown was “murdered” near his mother’s house by a supposedly racist police officer. “Disruption is the new world order,” continued the handout without offering any context on the killing of Brown. “It is the way in which those who are denied power access power.”  

      When parents found out about the indoctrination, they were furious. And so, Rockwood School District “literacy speech coordinator” Natalie Fallert sent out a memo warning teachers that parents were complaining that “we are pushing an agenda,” “making white kids feel bad about their privilege,” and “teaching kids to be social activists” and “democratic thinkers.”

      But instead of urging teachers to stop abusing their authority and trust by brainwashing students with dangerous Marxist ideology, Fallert urged them to hide it from parents. “This doesn’t mean throw out the lesson and find a new one,” she said. “Just pull the resource off Canvas so parents cannot see it … Keep teaching! Just don’t make everything visible on Canvas.”

      “This is not being deceitful,” Fallert claimed without a hint of irony in the grammatically challenged memo. “This is just doing what you have done for years. Prior to the pandemic you didn’t send everything home or have it available. You taught in your classroom and things were peachy keen [sic].”

      Fallert then offered helpful tips on deceiving parents and concealing what was being forced on children. “You could Duplicate an entry/lesson in Canvas (making 2 copies) Publish ONE for the whole class that is a LEAN version of the lesson,” she wrote. “The ‘original’ that has all the stuff on it, can be published and only assigned to specific students (IF NEEDED), OR you could specifically email those students a copy of what they need.”

      The district official then encouraged teachers to make sure parents could not see the controversial materials. “The reason I say ‘make a copy’ You can publish the NEW one that has less information on it,” she continued. “Then for that kid who is all virtual and needs to full lesson, you can publish it and assign it ONLY that kid.”

      Especially problematic are lessons or materials that “’could’ be picked apart” by parents, Fallert continued. “Again I wouldn’t throw it out, but you could just not give them access to the story. When you get to Power Imbalances – You might remove the two examples and just go over them in class (same as above).”  

      Naturally, when the memo was discovered by the parents, the school district promised that the memo was not authorized and that the views in it did not represent those of the district. Instead, the district claimed it viewed parents as “allies” in the “education” of “our children” and that the author was being dealt with in some unspecified manner.

      Of course, regular readers of The Newman Report know this is just the tip of the iceberg. If parents knew the lies their children were being brainwashed to believe, they would likely tar and feather the criminals responsible. As it stands, only a mass exodus from the government’s indoctrination centers can save America’s children — and the nation itself.  

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