Dems & Unions Panic Over Bill to Let Parents See School Materials

      A bill proposed in North Carolina would force teachers and government schools to post the materials used in class online, allowing parents and taxpayers to see what is going on. Naturally, tax-funded “educators” and their unions, along with their Democrat allies elected with union money, are fighting back so they can hide what is being taught.  

      The legislation, known as the Academic Transparency Act” or House Bill 755, would force government schools to post everything used in the classroom on their websites. That would include handouts used in class, lesson plans, textbooks, reading materials, videos, digital materials, websites, and even online applications. Any speakers brought in during the school day would be listed, too.  

      The effort to provide transparency for parents and taxpayers comes amid growing outrage in North Carolina and nationwide about the increasingly abusive indoctrination taking place in public school. In North Carolina, complaints have become so numerous that Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson created a task force to investigate.

      Republican lawmakers concerned about the indoctrination of children celebrated the transparency effort. “The idea is to make a way for parents, without having to go to the schoolhouse, without having to go to school officials, to be able to go online and see what is being offered in their students’ classes,” said Rep. Hugh Blackwell, the primary sponsor of the legislation.  

      Other lawmakers said it should discourage indoctrination. “Hopefully we’re just going to teach the kids,” argued Republican Representative Jeff McNeely during a House Education Committee meeting. ”We’re not going to try to indoctrinate them or teach them in a certain way to make them believe something other than the facts, the knowledge, the ability to write, the ability to read. So I like this bill.”

      When a vote was taken in the House of Representatives, every single Democrat voted against it. Still, the measure passed by 66 to 50 amid growing parental suspicion and outrage.  

      Democrats made clear that they opposed to the measure because they thought parents would be upset by what is being taught.  

      “We have to be very careful when trying to micromanage for no reason, because that’s what this is,” complained Democrat Rep. Kandie Smith. “We have teachers teaching in schools for years and all of a sudden for this to come up as an issue at the same time that we’ve had a lot of racial situations and people are trying to say now that we don’t have any systematic racism and we don’t want things to be taught.”

      In other words, parents would be furious about the racialist propaganda being forced on children, and so the best policy is to keep them in the dark about the indoctrination.  

      Incredibly, the North Carolina Association of Educators blasted the bill as “teacher abuse” while lobbying against it.

      “How does the NC General Assembly celebrate National Teacher Appreciation Week?” the union asked in an action alert. “They pass a bill that undermines academic freedom and punishes creative teaching, of course. Sounds about right to us.”

      As The Newman Report highlighted recently, one of the top leaders of the union, Vice President Bryan Proffitt, is a self-proclaimed Marxist associated with revolutionary group “Liberation Road” that follows the deadly teachings of Karl Marx and mass-murdering dictators such as Chairman Mao Zedong and Vladimir Lenin. Like-minded totalitarians infest every element of the public-education system.  

      Ironically, The Newman Report documented just recently on how government-school teachers in Missouri were instructed to create phony materials to post online and mislead parents. The goal was to prevent parent complaints by simply lying about what was being taught.

      The fact that teachers and their unions are fighting transparency should tell parents everything they need to know about what is going on in these government indoctrination centers posing as education institutions. Even if the bill were to become law, public schools would still not a safe place for children. 

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