Mom Speaks Out as White Son Terrorized At Public School

      With her son being bullied and targeted by teachers and students for being a white male as Critical Race Theory indoctrination takes the place of academics, a distraught mother in Ames, Iowa, has finally had enough. Now she’s fighting back and demanding that the child be allowed to go to another school.  

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      In letters to officials and members of the state school board, the mom — who requested anonymity to avoid retaliation against her son — described an unbelievable cult-like climate of hate and extremism at the government school her child attends stemming from the radical racial brainwashing there.

      Among other concerns, the mother said her son “feels targeted, hated, and unsafe as a white male” at the school in question. “The environment, curriculum, and some teachers at [the school], have become increasingly hostile and dis-favorable toward white males,” she said.

      As a result of that, her son now finds it hard to concentrate. Worse, he suffers from anxiety and distress. “When he gets home from school, it takes him hours to recover,” the mother said, adding that he does not feel safe to speak out at school and feels pressured to go along with the indoctrination.

      Perhaps even more alarmingly, the boy is now concerned for his physical safety as violence escalates. According to the mom, one of her son’s friends was “violently and cruelly assaulted” at school. “The boy was framed as a racist white male through divisive teenage games,” the mom said.

      “But it is more than a single, shocking incident by teens getting out-of-hand,” the letter continued. “This incident was the culmination of a divisive culture which persists at the school, and has been reinforced through curriculum and environment.”

      It is not just her son and his friend being targeted. Indeed, there have been “several black-on-white physical attacks this year, largely ignored (therefore subtly supported),” she said in a separate, follow-up letter to a school-board member, noting that even parents are terrified to speak out lest they and their children be targeted.

      “All white males at [the high-school] know very well that they now need to be careful not to come across ‘dissenting’ any of this extreme far-left racist ideology against their skin color – either in class or out of class; for if they do, they need to ‘watch their backs’ as they leave the school, fully expecting a 5-on-1 black-on-white attack,” she said, adding that these threats are often made through social media.

      The mom went on to accuse the system of brainwashing children with cult beliefs. “The new politico-religious style Ames BLM curriculum-agenda and indoctrination became so intense and pervasive, that the environment at [the school] has become extremely hostile toward white males, setting up white males for widespread hate and bullying by student groups, and some teachers,” the mother said, blasting school officials for taking on the role of cult leaders.

      The son was quoted in the letter, too, saying the school’s indoctrination “makes me feel that any accomplishment or skill I have – or even material things I purchase with my own money from detasseling every summer – is not my own because I am white – even if I have worked 5 times as hard as a person who does not work for that thing.”

      In response to the out-of-control indoctrination and the escalating hatred of the boy and other boys of European heritage based on their race and gender, the mother asked officials to release her son so he could go to another school nearby. Officials refused to allow it. But this fight is not over.

      Yes, the situation is this bad — worse, in fact — not just in Iowa, but all over the nation. Unfortunately, the solution is not as simple as just switching to another government school nearby. They are all the same. It is time for parents to save their children in the only way possible: By leaving the government’s indoctrination system altogether like the building was on fire. Get out now!

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