Number of Victims in Government Schools Plummets

      Government schools lost more than 1.3 million students in the 2020-2021 school year, representing a 3 percent decline, preliminary data released by the federal government revealed. Meanwhile, enrollment in Kindergarten and preschool dropped by a stunning 13 percent nationwide. Those figures expected to drop even further as more data from more states becomes available.

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      According to the data collected by the U.S. Department of Education, the last year has seen the steepest year-over-year decrease in enrollment in 100 years. While government bureaucrats whose salaries depend on keeping children locked in public schools expressed “concern” about the trends, advocates of a mass exodus from the government’s indoctrination system were delighted with the news.

      Most of those children went into homeschooling or private Christian schools, both of which generally produce far better results socially and academically. For the youngest children, though, many parents simply decided to keep them home, with the data showing a decline of about 22 percent in the number of children enrolled in Pre-K.

      The government-education complex is already plotting to strike back. In a statement sent to, U.S. Secretary of “Education” Miguel Cardona said it was his “top priority to reengage every student and family.” Among other schemes, he is working on a radical expansion of “high-quality preschool and child care” to get more children away from their families at earlier and earlier ages.

      Right now, it is unclear how many of the families that fled the government school system during COVID plan to return. Education bureaucrats have tried to put all the blame on the pandemic, and they are arguing that once COVID is over families will flock back into the government’s “education” monopoly. But that is by no means certain.

      The exodus from government indoctrination centers has produced an unprecedented surge in the number of homeschooling families. According to data compiled by the U.S. Census Bureau, the amount of families with school-age children involved in home education has more than doubled since the start of COVID, with about 12 percent now homeschooling. The increase was especially pronounced among black Americans. And many families are expected to continue homeschooling.

      The trend in “woke” institutions losing access to children goes far beyond government indoctrination centers, too. Consider, as another obvious example, the Boy Scouts. In 2019, they had about 2 million members. By 2020, the number was closer to 1 million. Today, they are down to about 750,000. The leading cause is almost certainly the institution’s decision to embrace homosexuality, transgenderism, and eventually, even female members.

      Today, in school districts across the nation, parents from all ethnic and economic backgrounds are expressing outrage and disgust with the Marxist indoctrination of their children. In particular, “Critical Race Theory” and raunchy “sex education” have turned countless millions of parents radically against the government’s indoctrination centers. Those trends are unlikely to subside anytime soon.

      Of course, it is encouraging to see millions of children being liberated from the poisonous brainwashing being perpetrated by the trillion-dollar-a-year government “education” system. But there are still tens of millions of children trapped inside being destroyed. Saving America must involved rescuing those children — before it is too late.

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