Resisting Medical Tyranny, Passports & Politics

      There is nothing new under the sun. A college professor in Virginia is According to Liberty Council Chairman, Matt Staver, it is no longer unthinkable for government to implement checkpoints within the country or even plan isolation camps for those testing positive for Covid. Even USA Today fact checked the claim and yes, Quarantine ‘camps’ are real.

      The Biden White House is weighing the idea of “mandating vaccines for interstate travel,” according to the Associated Press. In other words, they want to check your medical papers before you travel to the state next door!

      Anthony Fauci has said there are “two Americas.” The media and leftist politicians are dividing people by whether they received the shots or not.

      How should Christians and concerned citizens respond to these reports?

      Checkpoints inside America? Fines on businesses who serve the unvaccinated? The global socialists in the White House should never have the power to decide what medical procedures can be forced on people.

      The CDC released a chilling plan to remove mild to moderate COVID-positive people and those they suspect might have COVID from their homes and “isolate” them away from family. As shocking as it sounds, the document is apparently on the CDC website.

      What is unfolding is bigger than COVID and the shots. It is about freedom and control.

      I shared concerns back in May in an article called, “Papers please!” Of course, many people said I was being provocative or holding to just another “conspiracy theory.”

      But too much is happening – and quickly. Christian churches already have a track record of folding under pressure last year and conforming to secular government mandates and double standards. One reason we have not successfully fought to maintain our freedoms is we have been told our rights come from the state, not God.

      In 1982, theologian, Dr. Frances Schaeffer explained:

      “If the state gives the rights, it can take them away – they’re not inalienable. If the state gives rights, they can change and manipulate them. But the Founding Fathers believes there was a Creator and that this Creator gave inalienable rights… We are losing those freedoms and we can expect to continue to lose them if this other worldview continues… in our country.”

      I had the privilege Tuesday of interviewing Pastor Tim Stephens of Fairview Baptist Church in Calgary, a true leader in the church in North America. He has been arrested twice by Canadian authorities for keeping his church open during the panic-demic and for holding worship services.

      He has spoken the truth about church and state issues and in a brand new article, he writes, “to make a medical treatment mandatory violates conscience, violates God’s design for people made in his image, and exposes our government as increasingly tyrannical.”

      He points out that if you really love your neighbor, you will oppose mandatory vaccines because they will hurt our neighbors. In addition, if you believe Romans 13, you will oppose mandatory vaccines in part because governing authorities have gone beyond the mandate of public justice and punishing evil.

      Will the church stand united to love our governing authorities by telling them they have gone beyond their mandate and are taking the place of God by seeking to bind the conscience of the people?

      We saw the North American church generally fail the Covid test last year. How will the true church respond to further government force and media manipulation?

      One thing Tim Stephens said that was very profound: it’s not that the church that has become political, it’s that the government has become religious. We just want to worship our Lord Jesus freely. But the state is trying to run or at least control the church.

      We have allowed the world and secular philosophies to define God’s truth pertaining to creation, life, gender, marriage, family, and religious freedom.

      We have allowed government to gain unprecedented power and control even though most people would admit mandatory shots are not based on science, research, or safety measures, but are political and even abusive.

      Some Democrat globalists and socialists have openly and publicly said things like people who refuse the shots should be:

      • Fired, and lose all income, health benefits and retirement. 
      • Banned from grocery stores.
      • Refused restaurant dining, shopping, entertainment, gyms, etc.
      • Expelled from schools.
      • Placed on a no-fly list.
      • And even prohibited from outdoor gatherings.

      Our silence has not helped. This is NOT right. We must speak up and resist this abuse. We need to be voices for people who are being forced to get the shots or be fined, fired, expelled, or court-martialed.

      Religious Freedom and freedom to travel is a human right and should not be prevented by illegal vaccine mandates. Article 13 of the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights is the foundation for all treaty-based human rights protections in international law.

      • “Everyone has the right to freedom of movement and residence within the borders of each state. 
      • Everyone has the right to leave any country, including his own, and to return to his country.” 

      Most of us recognize we are facing one of the most serious threats to freedom in our history. People have lost their ability or desire to reason and research facts. The real data does not support forced shots.

      Matt Staver also notes that the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) reports as of July 30 that among the 545,337 total shot reactions, there have been 12,366 deaths, 5,236 heart attacks, 23,354 severe allergic reactions, 7,509 shingles cases, 14,251 permanent disabilities, and much more.

      The data also shows that the shots are not very effective in preventing the Delta variant, thus the reason the CDC is moving forward with a so-called “booster” in the Fall.

      Who will be the conscience of the nation, and the voice of truth if not for the church?

      If you desire to be a witness for the Lord Jesus Christ and the gospel, you will oppose mandatory vaccines. You will oppose it because it is contrary to God’s design and boundaries he has established for human governments. We will render to Caesar what is Caesar’s, but our bodies belong to the Lord as temples of the Holy Spirit.

      Pastor Tim Stephens wrapped up his biblical response by saying followers of Christ bear witness that we have freedom because there is a higher law that holds everyone to account. And through this, he writes, we will bear witness to the supremacy of Christ, the beauty of the gospel, and the truthfulness of his word.

      He concludes:

      “May God grant us unity as the body of Christ to stand for truth, love our neighbor, respectfully direct the government to its duty, and bear witness of the greatness of Christ in this cultural moment.”


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