School Puts Ankle Monitors on Students … For COVID

      A government school in Washington State is under fire after it was exposed forcing student athletes and staff to wear ankle monitors, supposedly a scheme for “contact tracing” in case anyone tests positive for COVID. Parents and privacy activists expressed outrage and the bizarre policy has now become a national scandal.

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      According to media reports, the federally funded program forcing children and school staff to wear the ankle monitors is aimed at determining who may have been in proximity to COVID-positive individuals during sports. Eatonville High School officials claimed this was necessary to “protect” everyone from a virus that experts say poses virtually no risk to young people.  

      Dubbed a “proximity monitor” by the school, the device “contains radio-based sensors that track distance between individuals wearing the device, as well as length of time spent in proximity to one another,” according to a statement released by officials. The apparatus also beeps when it’s closer than six feet to another while recording that data.  

      The tracker, known as “TraceTag,” is made by a controversial company called Triax. Far-left “fact-check” outfits tried to downplay the significance of the scandal by claiming the devices were not like those worn by prisoners and criminals. But “TraceTag” sounds like something more appropriate to tracking animals or concentration camp inmates than children.  

      For obvious reasons, parents were furious over the policy. Speaking to the Tacoma News Tribune, father Jason Ostendorf explained that despite claims that there was an “opt out,” his son would not have been allowed to participate in sports without wearing the controversial technology.

      “I was notified if I didn’t sign it, they couldn’t play,” he said. “My son has played football since he was in third grade. He’s passionate about the sport. … I signed it reluctantly. It’s either that or he doesn’t play. … It’s not optional. If you don’t sign the waiver, they don’t get to play. You have no choice in the matter.”

      “It’s just one more thing they’re doing to the kids through this whole covid thing,” Ostendorf continued. “The vaccine, now be tracked when you’re at practice. Where does this end? I feel like this is an experiment on our kids to see how much we can put them through before they start breaking.”

      Government “education” officials, however, defended the strange practice. “The monitors are for both staff (coaches) and students on the field, regardless if they are vaccinated or unvaccinated. If a student or coach tests positive, we will have immediate information regarding athletes’ and coaches’ contacts, so we can more tightly determine who might need to quarantine,” the district said in a statement.

      Eatonville School District Superintendent Gary Neal also claimed the policy was reasonable. “If a student or coach tests positive, we will have immediate information regarding athletes’ and coaches’ contacts, so we can more tightly determine who might need to quarantine,” he explained.

      The news comes not long after then-Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu proposed microchipping school children across Israel under the guise of fighting COVID. Privacy activists exploded following the proposal. But the effort to track and trace every person on the planet, starting with children, is only in its early stages. “COVID” is just the latest excuse.

      It is getting harder and harder to tell the difference between government “school” and re-education camps used for prisoners by totalitarian regimes. Parents who love their children must protect them from this escalating abuse — and getting them out of the government’s indoctrination centers is the only sure way to do that.  from these maniacs.  

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