Biden Targets Sane States For Civil Rights Probes On Education

      The regime nominally headed by Joe Biden is launching “civil rights” investigations into states that refuse to force children to wear face masks while at school. Also in the administration’s crosshairs are schools that still recognize the reality of biological sex. Yes, seriously.

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      On face masks, widely ridiculed by conservatives as “face diapers,” the Biden regime has started peddling an outrageous idea that has ramifications far beyond whether children will be allowed to breath fresh air or be required to inhale dangerous CO2 levels and countless pathogens.  

      The lie goes like this: Everyone has a “right” to a “free education,” and not forcing all children to put face masks on somehow violates that right. Believe it or not, this is in fact the argument being made by left-wing extremist “Education” Secretary Miguel Cardona.

      First of all, nobody has a right to anything that is financed by money taken from others against their will. In fact, the view of “rights” being peddled by Cardona is literally the sham version of “rights” peddled by the mass-murdering communist dictatorships enslaving nations like Cuba and North Korea.

      In America’s system of government, it is recognized that God grants certain rights: Life, liberty, property, pursuit of happiness, and so on. Obviously, God does not grant people a “right” to goods and services funded by money confiscated from their neighbors.

      Secondly, as Florida Governor Ron DeSantis pointed out in his executive order banning face-mask mandates in government school, parents have the right to make medical decisions for their children—not government. In any case, as DeSantis pointed out, the science shows masks are dangerous and useless.

      And a “right” to be brainwashed at taxpayer expense while having your breathing impaired is not the only perversion of the concept of rights being peddled by the Biden regime related to “education” and children. Indeed, the next one is even more outlandish.

      In an extremely creepy video released on Youtube by the U.S. Department of “Justice,” multiple bigwigs from the Biden regime encourage children to snitch on their local communities if government schools will not allow males to play in girls’ sports or change in female locker rooms.

      In the video, senior Biden regime officials repeatedly encourage confused children to report those in their community who do not sufficiently bow down before the LGBT mafia’s latest dogma. The bureaucrats even offer a website for easy reporting.

      Notice the message being sent to vulnerable and confused young children across America: “Your family and your community are evil, but Big Brother Biden has your back.” This madness is on par with the most grotesque propaganda messaging targeting children in some of the most vile dictatorships of the last century.

      The bonkers video features Suzanne Goldberg, “acting assistant secretary of education for civil rights” at the “Education” Department; Assistant Attorney General for “Civil Rights” Kristen Clarke at DOJ; and “Dr.” Rachel Levine, a man impersonating a woman serving as “assistant secretary of health and human services for health.”

      The Biden regime is looking more and more like a cross between a clown car and a horror movie. From Afghanistan to “education,” every disaster it touches instantly gets orders of magnitude worse. It is way past time for governors, legislatures, sheriffs, and parents to protect American children from these maniacs.  

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