Pelosi, The Pope, And Progressive Politics

      They were all smiles as Nancy Pelosi met with Pope Francis to talk politics prior to their attendance at a United Nations-sponsored Climate Change Conference. Priorities. Of course, the topic of abortion, the elephant in the room, never came up for some reason. This begs the question: Is the Pope Catholic?

      Most popes have historically been against abortion and believed the Bible’s teachings on the value of human life in the womb. So which Catholic Pope do Catholics believe? This should be a moral dilemma for them because the Roman Catholic Church is divided over abortion and radical pro-abortion Democrats.

      Some believe it’s a sin because abortion is murder and eliminates a living, growing human baby in a mother’s womb, while others think it is not that high a priority. For instance, many Catholics ignore teachings of the Apostle Peter but approve of the “infallible” teachings of Pope Francis.  

      This is why some bishops and priests say pretending, I mean “professing” Catholics like Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden should not be allowed Holy Communion while others are fine with it. They don’t care what powerful politicians do.

      Pelosi and the Pope are among the globalists endorsing radical climate change measures that align with the World Economic Forum and the Great Reset, what some say is a global conspiracy against God and humanity.

      But why push faulty climate science and abortion? To the power elites, globalists, and climate change alarmists who say saving the planet is a top priority, one goal is to have less people since human beings are the problem. Margaret Sanger would be proud of the left today.

      It was Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood, who laid the foundation for today’s liberal social agenda. Part of her legacy includes the promotion of birth control, radical feminism, and rebellion against God, racism, and eugenics. But this is also about money and power.

      I have often said abortion is a Sacrament of the Democrat Party and progressives have proven me right. Nancy Pelosi has even called the discussion of late-term abortion, “sacred ground.” She and other radical Democrats refuse to allow medical care to infants who survive failed abortions. Planned Parenthood rakes in over half a Billion dollars in taxpayer money.

      It further confuses people when liberal Catholics say things like NY Governor Kathy Hochul did recently, that the vaccine is a gift from God, that those who got the jab “are the smart ones,” and that the unvaxinated masses “aren’t listening to God wants.”

      Hochul, Pelosi, and Biden are among a majority of progressive Catholics claiming to be devout, but as Jesus said, “You will know them by their fruit.”

      I appreciate what William Kilpatrick writes at Front Page Magazine:

      “Is God okay with pro-choice politicians? And if He’s not, why isn’t Kathy Hochul listening to what God wants?
      It’s all very confusing– particularly for Catholics.  The Gospel preached by Hochul, Pelosi, and Biden doesn’t seem to be in alignment with Catholic teaching.  But, then, most Catholics these days aren’t quite sure what the Church teaches. They know it has something to do with Jesus Christ, but mainly it seems to be about providing social services, tolerating all belief systems, feeling good about oneself, and condemning the evils of racism…”

      Sadly, he’s right.

      Back in April, a study was released showing not only that a majority of Joe Biden voters don’t believe in God, but they also don’t know what the Bible teaches. It’s not surprising then, that most Democrats, specifically Biden-Harris supporters, reject absolute truth and basic Christian teachings including God being Creator, and Jesus being the only Savior.

      To be fair, we need to mention the group of so-called “Pro-Life Evangelicals for Biden” who campaigned against the alleged immorality of President Trump. I know, it seems like a contradiction.  How can this apparent hypocrisy be explained?

      Cognitive dissonance. This is when a person’s behavior doesn’t line up with their beliefs. The dictionary definition is, “the state of having inconsistent thoughts, beliefs, or attitudes, especially as relating to behavioral decisions and attitude change.”

      If you believe God’s Word is true and authoritative, but when it comes to voting, you go against what the Bible teaches, you are in contradiction or denial which causes internal stress. That person claims to be one thing but does the opposite.

      If you think there’s any neutrality anymore, think again. Just last week, President* Biden and HHS Secretary, Xavier Becerra displayed their abortion extremism yet again – with no apologies. The alleged “unifier” repealed a Trump-era regulation governing the federal family-planning grant program known as Title X, so Democrats are proudly making you continue to fund Big Abortion business. Preventing Parenthood has them in its pocket.

      We need to be consistent in our conversations and debates about these important moral issues. As I’ve often said, snuffing out the life of a preborn baby is not ethical and certainly isn’t merely a “political” issue to be avoided or downplayed. It is one of the greatest moral failures of America and pressing issues of our time.

      Our rights must begin with life, and the church should have a louder, more influential voice on these issues than a perverse, progressive government. I know, we’ve got work to do. And remember, our “inalienable rights” come from God our Creator, NOT from government.

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