GA School Assignment: Turn Human Babies Into Food

      Just when you thought government indoctrination centers could not sink any lower, a public school in Georgia is under fire from parents and critics nationwide for ordering children to create a “business plan” that would feed human babies to hungry people around the world. Yes, seriously.

      The scandal, which was first reported on social media by grassroots organizations including Protect Student Health Georgia, involved having the children spend 30 minutes “problem solving” with a group of fellow children. 

      The problem: World hunger. The supposed solution: “Create a business model for the raising / eating of human babies.” The children were also instructed to consider “mass production,” “distribution,” and “target market” for the food made from babies.

      A flow chart elaborated on each of the points. The “target market,” for instance, was “low income/poverty areas and countries.” For distribution, the exercise said, “meat is cured and dried similar to that of beef jerky so it doesn’t spoil and is preserved longer.” 

      The “mass production” element involved having the U.S. government negotiate with Communist China’s regime to have that dictatorship reduce its population by “donating” Chinese children to the government. Orphans and foster children from America would also be taken to the “processing plant” to be turned into food. 

      A slide that was projected onto a screen in the classroom featured grotesque language such as celebrating the “FEAST” of “delicious hamburgers” made with babies on the grill. The slide, filled with basic spelling errors, also boasted that eating the babies would ensure that no more land would be wasted on “cematarys.” 

      According to reports about the incident, the horrific “assignment” took place in an English class in a government school in Bryan County, Georgia. Education officials acknowledged that it took place but it was not immediately clear what disciplinary action, if any, would be taken against the teacher responsible.  

      The exercise also included information on cannibalistic serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer. A book about his monstrous crimes, “My Friend Dahmer” by Derf Backderf, is apparently available to students through school systems, as well.   

      Government school apologists downplayed the scandal by claiming it was all just “satire” based on a book by Jonathan Swift called “A Modest Proposal.” The book from the 1700s, which aimed to highlight the plight of the Irish, sarcastically proposed feeding Irish babies to British aristocrats. 

      But of course, this abomination in Georgia was not harmless fun or “satire.” It desensitizes children to the horrors of cannibalism and the murder of babies. It is the exact same strategy used by subversive forces to normalize homosexuality and transgenderism in the 1990s. And it is extremely dangerous. 

      As The Newman Report has documented, similar trends are taking place regarding pedophilia and pederasty. Both topics are now routinely being peddled to children in government school classrooms, with “education” officials caught on tape defending the teaching because raping children as a “sexual orientation that has existed in history.” 

      Whether or not government schools are constitutional, they are certainly a bad and Despite the escalating parental outrage at these grotesque abuses being observed at school boards nationwide, the education establishment, flush with taxpayer money, is only getting more and more vicious and demented. Parents removing their children from the clutches of these monsters is the only true solution to the escalating crisis.

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