Don’t Believe The Liberal Media or Biden’s Approval Ratings

      Presidential approval ratings are practically irrelevant and mostly meaningless.

      A new poll says both Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have some of the worst approval ratings in history, but does it matter? Aside from a small number of independent voters, every registered Democrat who voted for these awful politicians with America-last policies will go right back to the polls next year, and again in 2024 and vote for whoever has a “D” by their name.

      So, this new poll finds disapproval with Biden at 59 percent and job approval at 38 percent. Who are those 38 percenters? They’re destroying the country. Kamala Harris is even worse, at 28 percent approval – but the strange thing is that only half of voters surveyed disapprove of her job performance. Wait, what does she do again?

      You know it’s bad when even some Democrats think the country is not being managed properly while others say we’re going in the wrong direction. But they’ll keep voting for Democrats which means more chaos, division, godlessness, communist policy, Marxism and anti-American agendas.

      Raise your hand if you’re tired of the politics. The only way you can make sense of this is understand there are two stark contrasts when it comes to governing a nation like America, and a gaping divide when it comes to worldview.

      Are you tired of political ping pong yet? Sure, historically in elections, one party wins seats in the Senate or House of Representatives and maybe gains the majority; then within 2-4 years, the other party takes back those seats.

      This USA Today poll shows that right now, in this cultural and national moment in time, most American citizens are fed up with the fed and the policies of this president. But sadly, people have such short attention spans and by next year, much of the destruction will be forgotten.

      Oddly, it appears the radical left Democrat Party are not backing off but digging their heels in deeper when it comes to their goal to transform the country in their own image.

      One thing in this survey seems a bit confusing. Either these people want global socialism or they are ignorant about what they are voting for. For example, voters were nearly split about the “Build Back Better Act” which is communist policy on steroids.

      I just don’t think people understand what that means. The country they say they love has to continue being deconstructed and weakened in order for the leftists to build it back better. Of course, the word, “better” can be interpreted very differently.

      Another thing to note here is when people say Biden is doing a worse job as president than they expected, this reflects directly on the Democrat Platform and policies. Everyone knows Biden isn’t governing as he’s extremely limited in his ability to perform his duties, so people’s disappointment is with the globalists and power elites in charge.

      The highest number on this new poll is, interestingly enough, 66. A majority of respondents (66%) feel like America has gone down the wrong path. Another majority say they don’t want Biden to run again. Of course Democrats want someone else to run in 2024. Biden is clearly the worst president in American history.

      Somewhere, Jimmy Carter breathes a sigh of relief as he gladly sheds that awful label.

      Now, let’s wrap this up.

      Stay with me here. Remember, both Biden and Harris have historically horrendous approval ratings and most say the country is in shambles. But check this out because this is why polls are pretty much a complete waste of time and speculation.

      According to far left USA Today poll, if the presidential election was held today and if Donald Trump ran against Joe Biden, 44 percent said they would vote for Trump, 40 percent said they would vote for Biden, and 11 percent would select an unnamed third-party candidate.

      Add in the traditional cheating and voter fraud and Biden Democrats squeak out another victory over the American people, I mean, over Republicans.

      However, if you’re a Christian, conservative, Republican, Independent voter or just love America, there’s a glimmer of political light in this story. According to the pollsters and election history,

      “the party of a president with an approval rating below 50 percent is usually on the verge of seeing a blowout in the midterm elections. For instance, Republicans lost 41 House seats in the 2017 midterms when Trump’s approval was 37 percent.”

      Wait a minute. Is the liberal Democrat socialist media accurate? They would have us think President Trump’s approval rating was lower than Joe Biden’s current disaster? No way. Compare their policies and Trump accomplishments for starters.

      How quickly we have forgotten what the Trump administration accomplished including:

      “…the appointment of more conservative, originalist judges, ongoing lower taxes and deregulation, funding for a stronger military, further restrictions on abortion and protections on life in the womb, more school choice, strong support for Israel, border wall nearly completed, protection against Islamic terrorism;

      defended free speech on college campuses, protected school children by demanding separate boys and girls sports teams and locker rooms, more trade agreements that were fair to the US, stood up to China and Russia, solutions to the problem of high drug prices, and strong protection of religious freedom and freedom of conscience.”

      I’ve said this so many times, forgive my being redundant. At the risk of oversimplifying, this worldview war is about power ad it all comes down to three words: God or man.

      If your hope is in people, politics, polls, or possessions, you will always or often be disappointed and left empty. But if your hope is in the one true, living God as well as the forgiveness and salvation provided by Jesus Christ, you will be encouraged to live with power in the present and faith in the future because you know He is sovereign.

      Bottom line: keep seeking first the kingdom of God, don’t believe the liberal media, don’t trust the polls and do trust in the Lord our God!

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