Parents Arrested & Terrorized For Speaking Out For Children

      All across America, concerned mothers are being arrested, abused, and terrorized by authorities for speaking out against the radicalization, sexualization, and indoctrination of their children by government schools. It’s happening even in conservative states.

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      And it is not just Biden’s FBI and Department of Justice that been weaponized against parents. Even at the local level, school boards are ordering armed agents to arrest, raid, and prosecute moms and dads seeking to protect their children.  

      In Texas, the Round Rock Independent School District (RRISD) used its armed officers to arrest two parents who were exposing officials and speaking out publicly about what was going on. Both were removed by officers before being arrested at their homes.  

      The first involved Jeremy Story, who blasted the corruption and hostility displayed by tax-funded “education” officials toward parents. The superintendent and the board president ordered officers to remove him.  

      The second case surrounded Dustin Clark, a retired Army officer, who expressed frustration when parents were locked out of the public meeting. “It’s an open meeting! Shame on you. Communist! Communist! Let the public in!” he shouted after the board president, Amy Weir, ordered officers to remove him, too.

      Just a few days after those incidents, the school board coordinated with its police department — yes, the district has its own — to arrest them on charges of “disorderly conduct.” Yes, seriously.

      “For many parents, the school board is sending a message: If you speak out against us, we will turn you into criminals,” wrote Christopher Rufo, a Critical Race Theory activist who wrote about the use of police to arrest parents over their protests.    

      Another mom being terrorized by her local government-school overlords is Onaway, Michigan, resident Erin Chaskey. The mom is facing felony “eavesdropping” charges for using her phone to record district officials discussing her activism.

      In media interviews, Chaskey and her attorney both said the charges were clearly retaliation for her activism. From exposing the outrageous curriculum and leftist brainwashing to filing lawsuits in pursuit of information being hidden by school officials, Chaskey has been relentless.  

      Perhaps the most prominent example of a parent being targeted for arrest by local authorities for speaking out was Scott Smith. After confronting the Loudon County, Virginia, school board about the fact that his daughter was sodomized by a “transgender” in the bathroom, he was arrested for “disorderly conduct.”

      Incredibly, the National School Boards Association cited that incident in its letter asking the Biden administration to target parents using terror laws. The White House and the DOJ promptly went to work weaponizing federal law enforcement against moms and dads.  

      In recent weeks, a mother of three and well-known activist in Colorado had her home raided by an FBI SWAT team. According to news reports, the goons busted down her door and barged in with guns drawn and even manhandled her children as the family was homeschooling.

      The mother in question, Sherronna Bishop of Grand Junction, is known as “America’s Mom” and runs the popular website She has been vocal speaking out at school-board meetings, in addition to her activism on behalf of election integrity.

      According to documents left behind by Biden’s goon squad, her house was raided and ransacked for suspicion of “intentional damage to a protected computer, wire fraud and conspiracy to cause damage to a protected computer.”

      But Bishop said she knows nothing about any of that. Instead, she is convinced the barbaric raid was retaliation for her activism. “This is still the United States of America, where we are able to state what we think and we believe,” she told conservative TV and radio personality Brannon Howse.

      As The Newman Report documented last week, a whistleblower recently revealed that Attorney General Merrick Garland was lying when he told Congress that his department was not using terror resources against parents. Documents prove DOJ and FBI were, in fact, using terror resources.

      As authorities ramp up their terror campaign against parents, Biden’s highly politicized DOJ and FBI are also targeting peaceful January 6 protestors and even journalists such as James O’Keefe. The out-of-control attorney general is facing growing calls to resign. And leading Republican lawmakers have vowed to impeach him if and when the GOP retakes control of Congress.

      Parents who thought they could yell at the school board and then keeping handing their children over to be brainwashed by these indoctrination centers are finding out the hard way that simply won’t work. Instead, they may end up being investigated and targeted. It’s past time to get out completely.

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