Authoritarian Billionaire Pours $750M Into Charter Schools

      As American families flee government-controlled “educational” institutions by the millions, eccentric and totalitarian billionaire Michael Bloomberg is pouring $750 million into charter schools in what appears to be a bailout for government “education,” but in a slightly modified package. At least he is right about one thing: “American public education is broken.”

      According to media reports and his own statements, Bloomberg hopes to create 150,000 additional openings in charter schools across 20 cities, including New York City where he served as mayor and aggressively promoted them. The funding will also go toward gathering more data and training more school staff — especially “diverse” staff, he said in an op-ed published by the Wall Street Journal.  

      While Bloomberg has not said it explicitly, it appears some of the money will go into lobbying for his schemes. As his “charity” put it, the plan is to “create city- and state-level conditions that will help sustain this progress.” Bloomberg has been pouring political campaign money into charter-school supporters even in red states such as Louisiana. The feds are showering tax money on similar schemes.

      It’s all part of Bloomberg Philanthropies “five-year plan.” Yes, seriously.

      Bloomberg’s personal propaganda megaphone — known as “Bloomberg News” to provide more proof that that the billionaire is an egomaniac — has also been parroting the party line. In a puff piece published in October, the far-left media outlet claimed progressives were “running out of reasons to oppose charter schools” because apparently they make girls 17% more likely to vote.  

      Of course, Bloomberg points out some important truths, such as the fact that government schools are failing children. “As school failures worsen, children are paying a terrible price for this lack of accountability,” the gun-grabbing billionaire wrote. But anybody can see that, and it completely misdiagnosis the problem.

      In reality, government schools are doing what they were always intended to do — brainwash and dumb down children. Charter schools, which are government schools with less oversight, do not remedy any of the problems: Bibles are banned, Common Core is enforced, fraudulent history is taught, phonics are shunned, and more.

      Anybody who thinks Bloomberg wants better-educated children is naïve. The real motive lies elsewhere. Government “education” has always been a cash cow for corrupt cronies and a huge drain for taxpayers. But with charter schools, the problem is exaggerated even further, with phony “entrepreneurs” bilking taxpayers for big bucks with little to no accountability.

      While many “conservative” and even “libertarian” voices have jumped on the charter-school bandwagon, the widespread support for the government schools among evil billionaires suggests a nefarious agenda is at work. Aside from Bloomberg, billionaires such as Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Rupert Murdoch, and many more are also peddling the agenda.

      None of those globalist billionaires are known for their support of Christianity, biblical principles, individual liberty, the U.S. Constitution, limited government, or even high academic achievement among the unwashed masses. In fact, they are some of the most totalitarian-minded figures on the political stage
      today. And by supporting Common Core, many revealed their true colors.  

      Bloomberg, in particular, is known for his fiendish push to disarm citizens (as he hides behind armed guards) and his efforts to pull the rug out from under the middle class under the guise of “climate change” as he jets around in his private jets and yachts. He is also a fan of the mass-murdering dictatorship enslaving the people of Communist China, which he insists is not a dictatorship.  

      The largest network of charter schools in America is run by a bizarre Islamic Turkish Imam named Fethullah Gülen. He is wanted in his home country for allegedly supporting everything from terror to subversion, and yet his network operates over 120 tax-funded schools in at least 25 states that have been clouded in scandal.

      Estimates suggest more than 3 million U.S. children are currently enrolled in charter schools. Data suggest children in charter schools do better than victims of traditional government schools, on average. But that’s not saying much. Considering the fact that traditional government schools were literally designed to dumb down and indoctrinate children, it would be hard to do worse!

      Bloomberg is a tyrant and a technocrat. If he supports charters, it is one more reason to oppose them. But there are many other reasons, too: They crowd out truly independent private schools, they tempt parents into continuing to hand their children over to government, and they spend taxpayer money with very few accountability mechanisms for those taxpayers. Children deserve better.  

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