Under Biden, Feds Bribed School Boards To Mask Children

      Under the guise of fighting COVID19, the Biden administration weaponized American taxpayer money to bribe local school boards into forcing children to wear face masks regardless of their parents’ wishes, among other assaults on parental rights and common sense. Critics said this was why school boards so brazenly ignored the pleas of desperate parents.

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      To be eligible to receive taxpayer money from the Biden administration-controlled slush fund, states had to submit plans every six months proving to their federal overlords that they were enforcing federal “recommendations.” These include forced masking of children, physical distancing, contact tracing, vaccines, and more.

      Appearing on the enormously popular show High Wire with Del Bigtree, healthcare policy expert and researcher A.J. DePriest highlighted the documents proving that the feds had, indeed, bribed state and local officials into compliance. Blasting the “egregious, tyrannical behavior” of authorities taking the money, DePriest encouraged citizens to confront school boards and others with the information and resist.

      Specifically, the tax funds (and borrowed money) for hijacking local health policy in public schools came via the U.S. Department of Education through its “Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief Fund.” This came partly from the “American Rescue Plan” Act passed in March of 2012, and tax funds under the “CARES” Act signed a year before also played a role.  

      In all, the scheme has funneled almost $200 billion with strings attached to state governments and school districts for supposedly “helping” schools to “re-open safely.” For perspective, that is more money than has ever been handed out by the feds to the government school system at one time, DePriest said. Until about 50 years ago, the federal government played virtually no role in education at all.

      Basically, the feds were lawlessly issuing outrageous “COVID” mandates based on pseudo-science. Money-grubbing local governments and even businesses took the money like a mouse grabbing cheese from a mouse trap, then enforced those “recommendations” as mandates regardless of state laws, constitutional protections, or the wishes of voters.

      Parents and local communities being terrorized and abused by government across the nation, meanwhile, were completely ignored — if not treated with hostility — by the now federally funded “local” enforces of federal edicts. Children were among the most viciously abused victims in it all, especially those trapped in government schools.  

      As The Newman Report documented last summer, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, pointing to the science and the rights of parents, was one of the few state leaders to protect children and parental rights from the federally funded abuse. But as he resisted, the Biden administration told local districts that it would make up any lost state funding if they defied state law and abused children anyway.

      Among other solutions to this crisis, DePriest called on state and local governments to give back the federal bribes and quit enforcing the tyrannical decrees. She noted that this same tactic of federal bribes was used to get hospitals to kill patients with quack protocols for “treating” COVID. DePriest referred to it as “murder.”

      There is a reason the federal government was limited by the Constitution to the powers delegated to it by the states. The founders never intended to create a monster that would loot the nation and then buy control of the states. In fact, that is a flagrant violation of the Constitution that permits the federal government to exist in the first place. It is time for state and local officials to resist and do their jobs.

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