California Agrees To Stop Forcing Children To Pray To Demonic Aztec Gods

      Under a settlement agreement reached last week, victims of government schools in California will no longer be forced to praise the pagan Aztec deities of cannibalism, war, and human sacrifice. The bizarre and highly controversial program had unanimous support from the state board of education as part of California’s new “ethnic studies model curriculum.”

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      Among the concerns expressed by opponents of the scheme in a lawsuit was the fact that the Aztecs worshipped these demonic entities using human sacrifice. Rituals associated with the worship included “cutting out human hearts, flaying the sacrificed victims and wearing the skin, sacrificing war prisoners, and other inhuman acts and ceremony,” the plaintiffs explained.

      “Any form of prayer and glorification of these beings in whose name horrible atrocities were performed is repulsive to Plaintiffs and to any reasonably informed observer,” lawyers said in the lawsuit against California that ultimately led to the settlement. African ancestor worship was also included in the Critical Race Theory-inspired curriculum adopted in March of last year by the state board.

      Special Counsel Paul Jonna with the Thomas More Society, which represented the Californians for Equal Rights Foundation and a number of San Diego parents in the suit, explained in a statement that the lawsuit was filed after discovering the state’s resource guide for school districts with the human sacrifice prayers and worship of the demonic pagan deities.  

      “The Aztec prayers at issue — which seek blessings from and the intercession of these demonic forces — were not being taught as poetry or history,” Jonna said in a press release. “Rather, the curriculum instructed students to chant the prayers for emotional nourishment after a ‘lesson that may be emotionally taxing or even when student engagement may appear to be low.’ The idea was to use them as prayers.”

      Under the settlement, the California Department of Education and the State Board of Education agreed to remove the prayers from the curriculum and notify school districts that they should not be encouraged in tax-funded schools. Attorneys representing parents vowed to “aggressively pursue civil litigation” against any schools that use the prayers in class.

      “We are encouraged by this important, hard-fought victory,” said Frank Xu, president of CFER. “Our state has simply gone too far in attempts to promote fringe ideologies and racial grievance policies, even those that disregard established constitutional principles. Endorsing religious chants in the state curriculum is one glaring example.”

      Calling on more people to stand up against the race-mongering and “racial spoils” system, Xu said it was important to “improve California public education.” Another senior CFER official, Wenyuan Wu, told The Newman Report that this victory is an example of what parents and taxpayers can do if they join forces to resist the extremism.  

      According to the lawsuit, the curriculum, which was already being used in school districts across California, celebrates and makes requests of five Aztec deities, including the god of war. But all across America religious practices associated with Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, and other non-biblical religions have proliferated as well.

      While this small victory is being celebrated across the state as incredible news, it should be kept in perspective. The same lunatics who voted unanimously for this abomination are literally still running California’s so-called “education” system, dumbing down the state’s children, turning them against the true God, and radicalizing them into dangerous activists. The Aztec prayers were merely the tip of the tip of the iceberg.

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