Washington School Forces Child to Shut Up About Jesus

      A government school in Washington State is under fire and in potential legal trouble after fiendishly persecuting and humiliating a little girl in second grade. Her crime? Sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ with classmates on the playground and distributing tracts with biblical information.


      According to a legal organization that has taken up the young Christian’s cause, the 2nd grade student was sent to the principal’s office some 10 times since January 1. The allegations against her include sharing her faith with her fellow second graders while on the playground and handing out crosses and literature.  

      Even more astounding, the school searched the young child each day to ensure she did not have Gospel tracts to distribute to other children. “Christian tracts were being treated as contraband, as if speaking about Jesus were an illicit drug,” noted the American Center for Law and Justice in a report about the abuses.

      The excuse offered by the school for the “outrageous” behavior by taxpayer-funded government officials was that other parents were “upset” by the girl’s activities. When contacted by attorneys, the principal also claimed “school policy” forbids materials that may “cause a disturbance” or “interfere with school activities.” 

      Considering the extremist and pornographic materials used in the “sex education” regime adopted by Washington State in recent years, that school policy apparently does not extend to grotesque propaganda encouraging fornication, masturbation, and all manner of bizarre sexual practices. It also does not cover the fake history being foisted on the children. 

      Regardless of policy, the U.S. Supreme Court has already offered its clear opinion on the matter. In the landmark 1969 case Tinker v. Des Moines Independent Community School District, the high court found that students in public schools do not “shed their constitutional rights to freedom of speech or expression at the schoolhouse gate.”

      In any case, the supposed Highline School District policy cited by the principal is not relevant, according to the attorneys at the ACLJ who have taken up the case. That policy only prohibits distribution of written materials that may cause a disruption during “an assembly” or a “classroom setting,” not on the playground.  

      “Enough is enough!” wrote the ACLJ’s Christina Compagnone (Stierhoff), vowing to litigate if needed. “The actions of the school officials were particularly egregious in this case because they not only violated the student’s rights, but also publicly humiliated her. They will not get away with this.”

      Consider the treatment of this young Christian’s faith in light of other recent developments. Last year, the California Board of Education voted unanimously for an “ethnic studies model curriculum” that forced elementary school children to chant to the Aztec deities of cannibalism, war and human sacrifice. “After School Satan Clubs” are popping up at schools nationwide, too. 

      There is only one religion that is not welcome and celebrated in the government’s indoctrination centers, and that is the one founded on the Bible. Islam, Buddhism, Aztec paganism, and even Satanism are all increasingly encouraged in school — and in some cases, even forced on children. For Christian parents, exiting public schools immediately should be a no-brainer. 

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