Students Segregated in Class, Shown Photos of Dead Children

      A government school in Texas is under fire from concerned parents after segregating elementary-aged children based on their hair color, telling some students they were less intelligent, and showing a film with pictures of the autopsied bodies of other children. 

      School officials defended the bizarre practices by claiming it was a lesson on “segregation.” But parents were not amused. In fact, some were furious. And at least one little girl in the 5th grade class, age 10, was left unable to sleep in her own room due to the trauma of seeing images of dead children.

      Adding insult to injury, parents were never informed about the traumatic so-called lesson — at least not until their children came home traumatized and crying. One little girl said many of her friends were crying, and she even told the principal, but nothing was done until outraged parents spoke out.

      According to parents quoted in media reports, dark-haired children were separated from light-haired children. Those with dark hair were treated as “privileged” while those with light hair were treated as inferiors, even being told they were less intelligent. 

      The teacher at Leon Springs Elementary in San Antonio were also forced to watch a grotesque propaganda film by Spike Lee, a violent and racist hatemonger who has called for the murder of those he disagrees with politically such as the late NRA chief Charlton Heston.   

      The “documentary,” as Lee refers to it, featured graphic autopsy photographs of four little girls’ bodies who were killed in a bombing of an Alabama church. Why the “educators” thought it was necessary to expose 10-year-old children to those images was not clear.  

      The teacher claimed she “skipped over” the images. And yet, the children were traumatized. 

      “The things that she said that she skipped over, my daughter was able to describe to us to a ‘T,’” said Mike Lininger, whose daughter was a victim in the classroom. “So that night our daughter was unable to go to sleep in our own room, she was scared.”

      After a scandal ensued surrounding the “experiment,” government-school officials declined to appear in interviews but reluctantly apologized in a statement for displaying poor judgment. After having traumatized a class full of young children, officials also promised not to do it again. 

      “District and campus administration recognize the parent’s concerns and agree that the activity and video are not age-appropriate and will not be used again,” Northside Independent School District said in a statement typical of government schools when they get caught.  

      The ordeal comes as perverts and sex fiends across America demonize the state of Florida for seeking to protect children 10 and under from radical “sex education,” gender-bending propaganda, and LGBT indoctrination. Similar horrors are taking place nationwide. 

      Despite the school’s claims, there is absolutely no educational value in terrorizing and traumatizing children like this. Instead, it is yet another exercise designed to divide children and demonize America for evil purposes. It is time to protect their innocent children from being pawns in this evil agenda.

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