RIP Charlotte Iserbyt, Educational Giant

      American superheroine and educational truth-teller extraordinaire Charlotte Iserbyt passed away last month at home after an incredible life as a key leader and voice in the education field and beyond. She was 91. 

      Charlotte was perhaps best known for her work as senior policy advisor on education in the Ronald Reagan administration. While there, she uncovered a monstrous plot to dumb down and brainwash American children in public schools — and ultimately to destroy the United States of America as a free country.

      Naturally, Charlotte could not just stand by and allow such horrors to proceed unopposed. She quietly began leaking explosive documents from the U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Educational Research and Improvement to Human Events magazine, which published the information. She was fired for doing the right thing and blowing the whistle.

      After leaving government service, she published a number of books exposing the plot to destroy America by destroying the youth in government schools. Among her major works was The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America, a massive tome filled with documentation exposing the plot to miseducate and eventually destroy Americans.

      Another key work she wrote was Back to Basics Reform. In the book, Charlotte exposes the schemes to reshape America by reshaping education, and how various “reforms” implemented under the guise of improving education were calculated to do the exact opposite. One of her major concerns was the use of “behavioral psychology” to manipulate children for evil purposes.

      Charlotte was a fervent opponent of the so-called “school choice” movement. Among her major arguments: tax money would be flowing to schools with unelected boards. She believed this effort to corporatize education was designed to crush competition and usher in a whole new system of government with no accountability to the public.

      Charlotte was also fiercely opposed to the use of dangerous computer programs under the guise of “education,” referring to them as high-tech Skinner Boxes.

      She was a fervent critic of pseudo-“conservatives,” too, believing they always seemed ready to sell out their country. It was not uncommon to hear her suggest that the Heritage Foundation and other groups she viewed as “neoconservative” were more dangerous to America than open socialists.    

      Her long and illustrious career also included time with the U.S. State Department serving at U.S. missions around the world. In Belgium, she met her husband Jan Iserbyt, who passed away over a decade ago and with whom she had two children. Charlotte also served in South Africa and South Korea. The patriotic education activist, who served on a local school board as well, also played a critical role in exposing the Skull and Bones secret society at Yale University. Her father and grandfather both belonged to the group. And when they died, she passed documents and contact lists from the powerful occult organization to Stanford historian Antony Sutton, who wrote multiple books about Skull and Bones and its role in American education based on that information.

      In her later years, Charlotte was a prolific writer, blogging regularly at her website ABCsOfDumbDown.Blogspot.Com and other places. She was also a regular guest on local, state, and national radio shows.  

      One of her last major interviews was with this writer at her beautiful home in Dresden, Maine, amid the COVID hysteria. Not only was she not worried about the pandemic, she welcomed me and my family into her house and we spent the night there. Charlotte was an incredible, kind hostess who adored children and family.

      Details on the service are yet to be announced but it is expected to take place at St. Patrick Catholic Church in Newcastle, Maine. Charlotte was a traditional Catholic and was a devoted followed of Christ. She leaves behind her children, many loving friends, and fans of her work all over the world

      Charlotte was a true American hero who risked everything to warn her countrymen about the mortal peril threatening to consume the nation she loved so much. May she rest in peace!

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