White House ‘Disinformation’ Police Launch New Censorship Effort

      No, friends, it’s not the Babylon Bee. It’s not satire. And no, it’s not constitutional.

      The Biden White House is launching a ‘disinformation governance board,’ to censor American citizens. Just as bad, to head-up the agenda, they appointed Nina Jankowicz, a woman who has literally herself spread lies, um, I mean, ‘misinformation.’

      According to Politico, the DHS established the Disinformation Governance Board to “coordinate countering misinformation related to homeland security, focused specifically on irregular migration and Russia.”

      On her Twitter account, Nina Jankowicz said she is “Honored to be serving in the Biden Administration @DHSgov and helping shape our counter-disinformation efforts.”

      You might be asking, what exactly qualifies her to hold this position? Maybe this video will help answer the question.

      Okay, so maybe Karaoke doesn’t help explain her qualifications other than she’s a wacko lefty. But in 2020, Jankowicz did participate in a virtual Congressional hearing on “misinformation and conspiracy theories online.”

      Let’s put this another way. The most anti-First Amendment administration in U.S. history is openly using taxpayer dollars and the power of government to promote censorship of those who do not align with progressive Democrat socialist narratives.  

      Rather than help millions of citizens struggling with inflation and rising prices, rather than work to solve skyrocketing mental health issues, rather than defending our southern border and protecting Americans from the cost and concern of illegal immigration, rather than reign in massive out-of-control government spending, Biden Democrats are working to silence its political opponents.

      What they are not telling us is how they are defining “misinformation.”

      Tucker Carlson simply said the Biden Democrats cannot continue controlling this country if people have free access to factual information. They don’t want fairness or justice, they want power. But in the face of this new attack, this is the point we must draw the line.

      The Ukraine connection sure is interesting, but nothing for the media to follow up on, of course. Who knows what else they’d uncover if they pursued the truth.

      The same global socialists who deemed churches ‘nonessential,’ pushed the ‘Rona’ lockdowns, downplayed election fraud, activated the FBI against parents at school board meetings, and support Ukraine’s liberal government will now use the Dept. of Homeland Security to control free speech.

      What’s ironic is Biden’s New ‘Disinformation Board’ Director, Nina Jankowicz is a Ukrainian government advisor who promoted and applauded the media censorship of facts involving Hunter Biden’s hard drive. She has championed the suppression of stories containing reports of Hunter’s foreign business deals with countries such as China, Russia, and Ukraine.

      Republican Senator Josh Hawley warned that this new disinformation board will “marshal the power of the federal government to censor conservative and dissenting speech,” saying the choice of Jankowicz to lead the new board is troubling given her “long history of partisan attacks.” She has also faced criticism for past remarks about America being “systemically racist.” 

      Hawley adds:

      “This is particularly ironic given Jankowicz’ extensive criticism of free speech and the First Amendment; …Jankowicz has claimed that the ‘free speech vs. censorship’ framing is a false dichotomy. And when Elon Musk announced his acquisition of Twitter, she said, ‘I shudder to think about if free speech absolutists were taking over more platforms, what that would look like for the marginalized communities…”

      Hawley sent DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas a letter demanding the board be dissolved immediately.

      Nina Jankowicz almost makes radicals such as Nancy Pelosi, Rachel Maddow, Hillary Clinton, Hollywood, and women on the liberal View look like moderates. She once claimed that Trump supporters would bring weapons to the polls to intimidate voters. 

      Another Senator, Tom Cotton, stated

      “During the worst border crisis in history, Biden’s DHS is creating an Orwellian “disinformation governance board” led by a partisan Democrat who herself spread disinformation. What a disgrace…

      Since Democrats appear to be losing popularity with blacks and Hispanic voters, Mayorkas said last week that a focus of the new board would be to stop the spread of election “misinformation” – particularly in minority communities.

      Consider shots fired across the bow of approaching Midterm elections.

      Wisconsin Senator, Ron Johnson also stepped up to the plate calling Jankowicz a “beacon of misinformation online,” saying she has furthered false media narratives. He sent a letter probing Secretary Mayorkas with questions including:

      How does DHS define “misinformation”?

      What does DHS consider to be “irregular migration”?

      What specific actions does DHS intend to take to “counter misinformation”?

      Johnson told the Daily Caller:

      “The fact that a federal department with approximately 240,000 employees would set up a ‘Disinformation Governance Board’ to enforce the government’s judgement of what information is allowed in the public square should frighten anyone who values liberty and understands how crucial free speech is in maintaining that liberty;” 

      Emphasis on concerns over enforcing what this far-left government decides is permitted speech.

      To be fair, don’t think all Dems are on board with the communist policy of censorship and propaganda. Some openly oppose these extreme measures. Former Hawaii Congresswoman, Tulsi Gabbard says this is what you see in dictatorships and calls it a “ministry of propaganda.” The radical left is revealing exactly who they are. 

      Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council warned about this threat to free American citizens on Washington Watch last week, and reminded people about the agenda to “force their woke madness on education, sports, gender, corporate America, and so much more.” 

      Perkins adds:  

      Apparently, Mayorkas doesn’t care about helping his own cause at DHS, which is suffering mightily in the steady stream of horror reports from the U.S.-Mexican lines. Kidnapping, extortion, sex trafficking, drug abuse, gang violence, looting, crime — it’s all skyrocketing as more than a million illegals disappear into American neighborhoods under this president. 

      He’s not exaggerating, though the malignant media will cover-up the truth. 

      Estimates by The Federation for American Immigration Reform show the illegal alien population ballooning under the open border policies of the O’Biden administration. The taxpayer burden of caring for, feeding, schooling, sheltering, and incarcerating migrants is now over $143 billion a year!  

      For those actually paying attention, this brings the national overall total to 15.5 million illegal immigrants.

      So what can we expect from this new calculated political move? It appears their plan is to further limit and suppress free speech and civil liberties. 

      And Nina Jankowicz, the head of this propaganda wing has recently called for increased content moderation from social media platforms, and more state-funded, Democrat-controlled “journalism.” I use that word in the broadest, most meaningless possible context.

      Understand that leading up to the big election fraud, Jancowicz singled out stories about Joe Biden and his son’s confirmed connection to Ukrainian energy company Burisma, claiming it was Russian “disinformation” due to an “increased use of information laundering…” At the time, Nina called it a well-known “nexus of conspiracy theories related to Ukraine and Vice President Joe Biden…”

      Lying is nothing new for politicians. The problem is too many people keep trusting the monitors and controllers of free speech.

      Sadly, with all that’s going on in our country including a tanking economy, record high drug and mental health issues, and now millions of illegal aliens from around the world pouring across the Sothern border, most Democrats have no intention of solving real problems or protecting its own citizens. 

      They instead chose to police our speech and spend more taxpayer money. 

      It should cause us to wonder what they’re hiding and what they’re planning next. 

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