Anti-“Woke” Candidates Crush Leftists in TX School Board Races

      Backed by conservatives and Christians across Texas and beyond, local school-board candidates campaigning against “woke” ideology, sexualization of children and “critical race theory” in the classroom dominated the local elections this weekend. Almost 50 out of 1,200 independent districts held elections.

      In Tarrant County, an urban but mostly conservative county, 10 out of 11 conservative candidates swept in to victory, riding on a wave of parental outrage that continues to grow nationwide. The lone conservative candidate of the 11 in the county who did not win outright is set for a runoff, according to the leftwing Texas Tribune

      Outspoken conservatives also dominated ISD races in Frisco, Clear Creek, Grapevine, Southlake, Keller, Carroll, Spring Branch, Richardson, and more. Even in the notoriously liberal Austin area, conservatives were able to successfully take over the school board in the Dripping Springs Independent School District (ISD). 

      Despite denials by propaganda mouthpieces and the “education” establishment, it has become clear to voters and parents across the nation that “CRT” and hyper-sexualization are both being forced down the throats of children in government schools. And if Texas’ recent elections are any indication, parents have had more than enough.  

      Money also helped, though. One of the major financial supporters of the effort to re-take school boards was Patriot Mobile, a Texas-based cellphone company that stands for patriotism and Christian values. The group donated half a million dollars to its PAC, Patriot Mobile Action, to support the electoral victories. 

      “As a parent, I will say that critical race theory in and of itself is racist, and I’m not a racist, neither is my son or my family,” said Patriot Mobile Chief Marketing Officer Scott Coburn. “My son, who has been in Southlake schools his entire life, has never seen anything racist at all, systemically or otherwise, within the schools.”

      Analysts celebrated the news. “For decades, hard left social justice democrats managed to continue their stealth march through American institutions, but they’ve now gotten so far out over their skis that they’ve managed to wake the normies,” wrote Lawrence Person on his BattleSwarm blog about the election. 

      “Normally apolitical parents are increasingly infuriated with pro-pedophile groomers and radical social justice warriors propagandizing their children, and they’re not going to take it anymore,” added Person, calling for a “reboot” of the system. “Newly elected board members need to follow-through. Every administrator and teacher pushing CRT needs to be laid off or fired.”

      Numerous experts and leaders in the field have told The Newman Report that, while these and similar victories may seem sweet, the extreme danger to children in government schools remains just as acute. If local school boards fall to conservatives, then unions, the state, and federal pressure will keep the indoctrination and sexualization raging. 

      In fact, retired State Assemblyman Steve Baldwin, who chaired the California Assembly Education Committee before helping get dozens of conservative school-board members elected, said trying to reform government schools is hopeless. Former State Superintendent of Public Instruction Diane Douglas of Arizona agrees. Both serve on the Advisory Board of Public School Exit. 

      After many decades of attempting “school reform,” conservatives and Christians have continued to lose ever more ground. A few school-board race wins may be cause for celebration, but nobody should be deceived into believing that the government indoctrination centers can ever truly be reformed into institutions of true education. A whole new approach is needed.  


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