NYC Schools Peddle Books That Mock Christ, Praise AOC & Queerness

      Politics and religion have no place in the public-school classroom — unless, apparently, the politics and religion in the classroom glorify socialism, transgenderism, fringe leftwing politics and politicians, and attack the Bible and Jesus Christ. Yes, seriously. 

      New York City government schools are peddling a bizarre book that, among other concerns, celebrates “queerness” in children and mocks Jesus Christ while praising fringe leftwing U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez (D-N.Y.) and her radical socialist so-called “Squad” in Congress. Parents are outraged.  

      The book, “What You Don’t Know: A Story of Liberated Childhood,” is reportedly on the New York Department of Education’s “Universal Mosaic” reading list for 5th grade children. The “Mosaic” scheme launches next year, but the book is already in public-school libraries. 

      According to news reports, it is about a black “queer” child who constantly feels “shame” at church even though churches preach about love. Of course, the Bible says God designed people to feel shame about their sin, having written His laws on their hearts. That is one of the ways God uses to draw people to Himself, according to the Bible.

      Eventually, the “queer” boy meets a black Democrat Jesus who tells him that “even” Senator Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.), pictured in a Catholic church, is invited to “love,” despite “all the harm he is causing.” While most conservatives will be unlikely to shed a tear for McConnell, widely seen as a sellout and RINO, the partisan nature of the book is clear.

      Written by a fringe leftwing feminist from Brooklyn who claims patriarchy is a “dying” institution, the book also features socialist lawmaker “AOC” and her “Squad” on a TV screen as the boy and his family watch. The narrative says this: “We will rewrite the rules we live by and love the world into balance.”

      The New York Post mocked the news, introducing the story by saying New York City children would be “learning their AOCs.” Numerous parents expressed outrage about the politicization of 5th grade students using tax-funded indoctrination centers posing as schools, with some calling the book “anti-Catholic.” 

      That is hardly the only controversial book on the government’s reading list, though. A book on the first-grade list titled “I’m Not a Girl” promotes transgenderism and gender confusion. “Our Skin,” a book targeting Kindergarten children aged 2 through 5, blames white people for racism and promotes racial hatred. 

      Officials defended the brainwashing. “Our public schools do not shy away from books that teach our students history and can be used to deepen their understanding of the world around them,” a spokesman for the system said. “We value and honor our students’ perspectives and identities, and we provide opportunities for family voices to be heard on topics including school book selections.”


      The latest scandal is simply a symptom of a much deeper rot that goes to the core of government “education” in America. And while New York City may be among the worst purveyors of anti-Christian hate and socialist extremism to impressionable children, the problem is nationwide and even global. Only parents can protect their children — and their country — from this threat.


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