School Board Director Tried to Host “Queer” Event for Kids & Babies … at SEX Shop

      The Federal Bureau of Investigation is under fire after it was exposed spying on parents and state elected officials as potential “terrorists” for speaking out against vaccine mandates, indoctrination of children, and other controversial policies. 

      A Bellingham, Washington State, school board director is under fire after trying to host a “queer youth open mic” event for children ages 0-18 at a sex shop, prompting news headlines and an outcry nationwide. The June 2 event ended up being hosted at a fringe “church” instead.

      The bizarre development came as calls grow for legislation to protect children from “educators” and even parents who subject children to this sort of raunchy sexualization and gender confusion. Numerous lawmakers have announced that they intend to act in the weeks and months ahead.  

      Announcements for the event originally indicated it would be held at a sex shop in Bellingham known as “WinkWink.” The shop is owned by Jenn Mason, who also serves as school board director for Bellingham Public Schools. The school board said it did not endorse the event.

      According to WinkWink’s social media presence, the business is a “sex shop delighting in expertly curated sex and body products, lingerie, and books.” The shop sells everything from sex toys to children’s books promoting homosexuality and gender confusion.

      Noting that children of all ages were invited to participate in the “queer” festivities at the sex shop, critics also accused the business and its school board director-owner of “grooming” children and trying to “normalize potential pedophilia and sex abuse of children.” Opponents called for an investigation.

      Mason, however, declared the event “not creepy” right after inviting children of “all ages” on the public invitations that went out online. Aside from a school board statement indicating that it did not endorse the event, local and state authorities were mostly silent amid the furor.

      “We believe that normalizing, accepting, and affirming all bodies, identities, and gender experiences is an inherently political act,” the school board director’s sex shop declares on its website alongside images of plastic phalluses. “Pleasure is our revolution.”

      The week before the children’s event, the sex shop co-hosted a fundraiser dubbed “Abortion Forever” to keep the killing of unborn babies from being criminalized. It also hosted a seminar on “ethical non-monogamy for newbies.” The owner is a big fan of Planned Parenthood, the largest killer of the unborn in America. 

      For reasons that were not explained publicly, the event ended up being hosted by an apostate “church,” the First Congregational Church (United Church of Christ), and its LGBT+-promoting “pastor,” Davi Reese Weasley. A social media post claimed “100ish folks” showed up to “listen to the young people at Queer Youth Open Mic.”

      This is not the first time the school district has been in the spotlight for grooming and sexualizing children. In fact, the district even awarded taxpayer funds to Whatcom Middle School for a “Drop-dead Gorgeous Drag Show” hosted by the Gender Sexuality Alliance Club involving students in drag.

      Government indoctrination centers and their leaders are now targeting children, literally and openly grooming them — sometimes even with the active support and participation of the parents. No other society anywhere in the world in all of human history ever became so perverted and degenerate before now. If not stopped, it will end in disaster.    


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