World Economic Forum: Plug School Children into Virtual Reality & Metaverse

      The transhumanism-peddling World Economic Forum is now pushing virtual reality, the so-called metaverse, and other technological “interventions” on school children worldwide. It’s being promoted under the guise of improving education and turning children into more productive “human capital.” 

      But experts are warning parents never to let their children participate. Indeed, critics of the technologies say both tools can and will be used to push propaganda and manipulate young minds more effectively. It is also highly addictive, experts say. 

      In a May 23 post at the globalist WEF’s website, Abu Dhabi University Holding Company CEO Dr. Ali Saeed Bin Harmal Al Dhaheri and Amanat Holdings CEO Dr. Mohamad Ali Hamade boasted that “experiential learning and VR will reshape the future of education.” And they’re not kidding. 

      Instead of “textbooks, notebooks and pencils,” children in schools of the future will simply connect to technology to absorb their programming, the two argue in the piece for the WEF. They refer to the transformation as the “digitalizing of education streams.” 

      “While research has shown that [Virtual Reality] VR positively influences students’ learning outcomes, it can also improve student-teacher interactions through practical hybrid implementation, whether in or out of the classroom,” the two Arab technologists proclaim without actually citing any of the alleged “research.”

      “With VR as a classroom tool, teachers can motivate students and create a more collaborative and interactive studying environment,” they continued. “VR can be integrated into traditional teaching to create a unique experience adapted to each student’s ability, style, pace and drive to learn, ensuring their readiness to advance through robust assessment.”

      On that same note, the “Metaverse,” the freakish alternative wannabe universe being created by fascist Facebook overlord Mark Zuckerberg, is also a key part of the techo-elites’ plans for “educating” your children — and gathering endless data on them. In fact, the World Economic Forum is announcing it openly and proudly all across its website.  

      “Metaverse will also transform education and training,” argued Subha Tatavarti, the chief technology officer at IT giant Wipro, in a recent puff piece for WEF. “Training in the metaverse will have the potential to create better trained, better-skilled workers who are more likely to thrive in the real world.”

      Critics, though, are raising the red flag. Speaking at the American Freedom Alliance conference this weekend in Los Angeles, leading technocracy expert Patrick Wood sounded the alarm. “Parents, never let your children go into the metaverse, not even one time,” he said. “Would you let your children try meth just one time? Of course not. Don’t let them enter the Metaverse — ever.” 

      Another leading expert and critic of all of this is Professor John Klyczek, author of the book School World Order: The Technocratic Globalization of Corporatized Education. Citing documents, he says the U.S. Department of Education and United Nations “education” agency UNESCO are driving these changes in education worldwide. If not stopped, it will eliminate human liberty in ways that were previously unimaginable, he said. 

      Perhaps even more alarming is the fact that the WEF is the leading promoter of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, a transformation that WEF boss Klaus Schwab describes as the “fusion” of people’s biological and digital identities. In short, this is transhumanism — a diabolical ideology that seeks to merge man and machine on the path to becoming what Schwab advisor Yuval Noah Harari describes as “homo Deus,” or man god.  

      As the Orwellian technology increases the effectiveness of government indoctrination masquerading as education, and gathers ever greater amounts of data on every individual, the risk that future generations will lose their freedom and even their humanity is growing fast. The surest way to stop it is for parents to remove their children from government schools immediately. 

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