Biden Edict Imposes More Trans Extremism on School Children

      As state governments respond to public pressure and work to rein in LGBT extremism in schools, the White House issued an executive order this week seeking to impose more gender confusion and homosexual activism on school children across the nation and beyond. The effort puts parental rights squarely in the crosshairs.  

      This executive order represents all-out war being declared by Biden on the traditional family, biological reality and biblical sexual norms, according to critics and analysts. It comes as inflation surges, supply chains collapse, millions of illegal immigrants pour across the open Southern border, and social tensions reach alarming levels. 

      Perhaps the most dangerous element of the scheme is to declare any effort to stop a child from mutilating his or her body as harmful to the child. The idea is embedded throughout the document, and could result in devastating interventions in families by education officials and even child welfare services. Parents nationwide are already facing such tactics. 

      Among other school-related policies, the executive order calls on the U.S. Department of Education to establish a “Working Group on LGBTQI+ Students and Families.” The new outfit will be in charge of imposing a broad range of pro-LGBT policies on states, school districts, and educational institutions — including “more access to gender-affirming care.” 

      According to the White House, the policies promoted by this new homosexual and transgender working group are intended to “promote safe and inclusive learning environments in which all students thrive.” That is, of course, thinly veiled code language for promoting homosexuality and gender confusion at school while demonizing traditional values. 

      In reality, the students who are truly excluded and unsafe — in many cases even facing bullying from staff — are those who resist or even question the LGBT dogma. Countless children nationwide have reported vicious persecution from school officials and fellow students for refusing to bow before the golden LGBT statue.

      Another key element of the executive order targets so-called “conversion therapy,” which is designed to help people — especially young people — struggling with unwanted sexual attraction or gender dysphoria. While Biden has no power to ban it with an edict, his order will encourage states to broadly infringe on free speech, religious liberty, parental rights, and the right of people to seek counseling they want. 

      Ultimately, one of the goals is to push back against the “more than 300 anti-LGBTQI+ laws” introduced across America that protect school children from indoctrination and protect girls from having to compete in sports against males. The scheme also seeks to curtail state efforts to limit children’s ability to obtain life-altering opposite-sex hormones and surgical mutilation under the guise of “health care.”  

      “The message of the president’s new order is unambiguous: absolutely zero restrictions on bombarding children with morally degenerate sexual and gender propaganda and then permanently mutilating their genitals will be tolerated in Joe Biden’s America,” wrote Darren Beattie at Revolver.News, calling for Republicans to criminalize the mutilation of children.  

      The consequences of allowing this war on children to continue butchering countless victims are beyond intolerable. And so, this lawless decree by Biden’s handlers must be exposed and resisted by every American and every political leader at every level of government. 

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