Biden Showering Tax Money on Schools to Sideline Parents & Church

      Massive new federal tax funding and grants announced by the Biden administration for “full-service community schools” and “mental health” schemes will accelerate the transformation of what passes for “education” in America — and not in a good way. Basically, parents and families are being sidelined and replaced as government becomes mommy, daddy, and even “god.”  

      Among other concerns expressed by critics is the fact that the federally funded “full-service community schools” clearly aim to displace parents and church, while making government schools the center of community life. The controversial institutions are taking over everything from mental and dental “health” to nutrition and “community service” under the guise of “helping.”  

      As explained by the U.S. Department of Education, these federally funded “schools” seek to “meet the social, emotional, physical and mental health, and academic needs of students” by providing “wraparound services.” In other words, they would be more accurately referred to as “parental replacement centers.” 

      Parents and families are in the crosshairs of the “full-service community schools,” too. Indeed, all over the federal documents on these institutions are references to “family services,” “adult education,” “parent education,” and more. Various federal agencies have referred to parents as “equal partners” with government in the raising of children. But parents are increasingly being made junior partners.  

      Instead of parents shaping and controlling the government schools, the government schools are moving to shape and control parents, as federal documents show. Those parents who resist or refuse may face escalating “interventions” by government, up to termination of their parental rights by federally funded “child welfare” bureaucrats.  

      “These grants will help community schools provide quality wraparound services to students and their families, from access to health care and nutritional assistance, to tutoring and enrichment opportunities, to mental health supports and violence prevention programs,” the U.S. Department of Education said. Again, note the reference to “wraparound services” for “families.”

      The growing barrage of federal “mental health” schemes, meanwhile, represents a massive subsidy to Big Pharma that will see countless additional young people diagnosed with “mental illness.” In addition to overmedicating children with quack labels and providing highly intrusive “services” to families, the grants aim to “diversify” schools’ “mental health professional workforce,” according to administration officials. 

      To implement Biden’s controversial “national mental health strategy,” which primarily targets school children and their families, the administration is asking Congress for over $125 billion over the next ten years. State governments will add billions more. For perspective, the annual GDP of Vermont is a mere $36 billion.     

      As federally funded and federally controlled government schools continue to displace family and religion in community life, the feds are becoming increasingly open about the agenda. Consider the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s promotion of the “Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child” (WSCC) model advertised on the CDC’s website.

      As the Biden administration has also made abundantly clear, much of the “health” and “mental health” tax money being showered on state and local governments for “education” will be used to promote and normalize gender confusion. In fact, the administration has practically declared war on families, communities, and states that seek to protect children from the agenda.    


      The Biden administration’s further weaponization of “schools” against family, church, and America must be resisted and opposed at every level. Aside from being blatantly unconstitutional, these schemes represent an all-out assault on every institution outside of government — the very essence of Marxism, tyranny and slavery. 

      Families must protect their children from these abuses by removing them from government schools. State and local governments, meanwhile, must stand in the gap for families by declining the grotesque federal bribes and the chains attached to them. Liberty, family and civilization depend on stopping this assault.   

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