The Unhinged Left Attack Moms, Pregnancy Resource Centers, Redefine Truth

      Four stories; same debate. Is a baby, a developing human life in a mother’s womb, worth protecting, or do we have the right to kill it?

      One day after the NY Times claimed there’s no difference between abortion and a miscarriage, Elisabeth Hasselbeck returned to the liberal View to celebrate its 25th season last week, and Whoopi Goldberg basically claimed God made us smart enough to know it’s okay to kill unborn babies.

      That same day, Joe Biden signed an executive order that could force taxpayers to pay the costs of pregnant women who travel to another state to have an abortion. It was also reported that pregnancy resource centers are now having to spend tens of thousands of dollars for security in wake of violent attacks by pro-abortion Democrats. 

      I’m David Fiorazo and this is Christ and Culture.

      Elizabeth Hasselback confronted the cast of the View last week, and challenged them with ‘the other side of the story’ – alternatives to murdering babies through abortion. Most pro-choice minions don’t support “choice” at all in the true definition of the word. They argue and fight for one option: eliminating pre-born lives.

      Hasselback’s strength and compassion are desperately needed on such a one-sided show that typically downplays, criticizes, or condemns the biblical worldview. She stood for life and truth. Contrast that with Whoopi Goldberg who declared that since “God doesn’t make mistakes” he gives people free will and makes us “smart enough to know” it’s okay with Him to have abortions.

      Really. Chapter and verse, please. No, abortion is not okay. It is not biblical, it is not “reproduction,” and it is certainly not healthcare. What about the baby’s choice or rights? 

      Hasselbeck rightly drew attention to the various options and “thousands of agencies” available to help women in crisis and even support them after they’re born.

      But I do think there are options out there. There are thousands of agencies that wrap around women that might not be able to care for the baby once born or may not want the baby when they’re pregnant or maybe it was unexpected and they’re in a hard situation, but that will come around at no cost and wrap around you.

      And I might not change your minds, but I hope women out there know to look for the nonprofits, look for the agencies that help you create a birth plan and match you with an adoptive family who may have suffered miscarriage after miscarriage who want to care for the baby. So, that option is real and it’s out there. And I don’t believe they’re giving women half the information out there. And I think those lives have a precious value on them.

      The debate of course, will continue.

      In fact, two leftist law professors claim in a New York Times Op-ed that the lines are blurry between women who chose to abort their children, and women who have suffered miscarriage. You read that right. No mention of one being spontaneous, against the mother’s desire and the other, abortion being a calculated decision that was preplanned.

      In the article, “Why Do We Talk About Miscarriage Differently From Abortion?” they refer to miscarriage as “pregnancy loss.” (not loss of a human life) They go so far as to blame the apparent confusion on those who are “anti-abortion,” who oppose murder and support life in the womb.

      “Decades ago, the anti-abortion movement realized that it could weaponize grief after pregnancy loss to suggest the callousness of abortion and to promote the concept of fetal personhood. 

      Truth is only a “concept” now? Wrongly believing that our rights come from government instead of God, they suggest the pro-life movement worked aggressively to “give fetuses rights” and as a result, “undermine abortion rights.” 

      Also in lockstep with a culture that has devalued life, the Biden administration supports those who want to eliminate lives in mother’s wombs to the point of charging taxpayers to cover abortion costs for those wanting to cross state lines to commit an abortion.

      White House spokesperson Karine Jean-Pierre stated that the decree “paves the way for Medicaid to pay for abortions for women having to travel out of state.” Did you catch that? They have no choice – they’re forced to get an abortion in the next state.

      We must not forget Americans are already paying government over a half Billion dollars to help fund Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest and richest abortion business.

      Finally, as a result of demonic leftist agendas, many workers and volunteers at pregnancy resource centers are having to divert valuable resources away from helping vulnerable women in need, and add security measures for their buildings. Sadly, these new costs are in addition to the funds that have already been spent on repairing the damage done by pro-abortion terrorists and activists.

      In just the last few months, the number of violent attacks on PRC’s, churches, and family organizations is rounding 90 and heading to one hundred. Where’s the Justice Department? Most of the funding that keeps pregnancy centers running comes from donors in local communities. 

      When will the Party of tolerance and preachers of justice call out the hypocrisy in their own ranks as well as the violent activists and arsonists? Don’t hold your breath. They’re being encouraged and are well protected by liberals in power and the pro-abortion media in America.

      More than 63 million unborn Americans have been murdered in abortions between 1973 and 2019 alone, according to the National Right to Life Committee. 

      Biblical principles including God as Creator, God the giver of rights, and the value of every single human life simply do not fit the modern depraved liberal narrative. 

      But every one of us must decide who to follow: Christ or culture.

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