Ask Students’ Pronouns, Penn. Education Dept. Tells Teachers

      The Pennsylvania Department of Education has important advice for teachers in the state: When in doubt, ask students’ pronouns, because children as young as kindergarten might be “transgender.” Yes, seriously. 

      The gender-bending advice came on the Pennsylvania Department of Education’s website on a page about “Creating Gender-Inclusive Schools and Classrooms.” It celebrates “gender diversity” and even offers teachers and school employees a helpful list of words they “should know.”

      As far as “binary gender,” for instance, the controversial site informs teachers that this a “faulty concept” indicating that there are “only two genders: male and female.” In reality, there are only two genders, of course, as confirmed by every cell in a person’s body and the Bible.  

      Assigned gender, meanwhile, is defined on the page as the “gender a baby is given upon birth.” Of course, in reality, children’s gender is established from conception based on the genetic information contained in the child’s unique DNA. It is not “assigned” by anyone except God.  

      There is also the troubling advice to encourage more confusion in children. “In addition to the traditional pronouns (he/him, she/her, they), some people prefer to use gender-neutral pronouns, such as ne, ve, ze/zie and xe,” the education department offers under “preferred personal pronouns” segment. “If you don’t know a student’s preferred personal pronoun, it’s always best to ask.”

      The “definitions” offered by the state “Education” Department were lifted from a 2013 article claiming children can be trans by age 3 by a fringe gender ideologue called Carrie Kilman. Headlined “The Gender Spectrum,” the ramblings appeared in a publication of the Southern Poverty Law Center, a fringe left-wing hate group that publishes anti-Christian propaganda used by a terrorist in his failed attempt to massacre employees of the Family Research Council.  

      Also available on the Pennsylvania site for educators are numerous additional resources to brainwash children with debunked and dangerous gender ideology. There is even a helpful “lesson guide” encouraging teachers to host “gender-neutral day” for children ages 6 and up, among other controversial activities.  

      Incredibly, the state doubled down after being called out. “The children who attend our schools represent the diverse backgrounds and cultures of our commonwealth, and that includes Pennsylvanians with various gender identities and expression,” Education Department Communications Director Casey Smith was quoted as saying in news reports. “It is incumbent upon us to support ALL learners, and make them ALL feel welcome in their schools and communities.”

      Apparently she meant “all learners” except Christians, Muslims, Jews, and others from traditional families that recognize what humans have recognized from the dawn of time: That God created people male and female. Numerous educators have sounded the alarm about the escalating bigotry being encouraged against children who resist the indoctrination. 

      Of course, the pestering of children to choose new and unique “pronouns” and “genders” is not new. Years ago, the far-left National Education Association (NEA) purporting to represent over 3 million “educators” partnered with the Human Rights Campaign, another vicious anti-Christian hate group, to put out a video guide for creating “inclusive” classrooms. 

      In the video, two children — one who claimed “they” pronouns, the other who preferred “zee” — discuss the supposed importance of teachers asking about students’ pronouns. When asked whether teachers had to be “educated” about it, the younger child says only substitutes needed to be taught to ask, because the full-timers already knew. 

      It seems so foreign and outrageous to adults that many dismiss the gender-bending pronoun non-sense as a fringe non-issue. But unfortunately, it is ubiquitous — and incredibly dangerous to children and civilization. The end goal is the destruction of motherhood, fatherhood, and family. Parents must protect their children from this.  

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