Advanced US Students Facing “Neo-Marxist” Brainwashing, Documents Show

      Many of America’s highest-performing students — the future leaders of government and business — are set to be subjected to even more radical indoctrination in favor of socialism and communism, College Board documents reveal.  

      The private organization is responsible for the Advancement Placement (AP) courses and the SAT college entrance exam, which give the increasingly extreme outfit enormous influence over U.S. education. The group brings in about $1 billion each year, almost all of it from taxpayers.  

      A draft of the new AP “African American Studies” (APAAS) obtained by researcher Stanley Kurtz “clearly proselytizes for a socialist transformation of the United States,” he warned. It also encourages political violence and hatred for America’s constitutional republican form of government.  

      In other words, the AP course is a subversive program in the truest sense of the term — designed to subvert the American system and weaponize young people for revolution, all under the guise of race-mongering and “racial justice.”  

      “The topic descriptions sound neutral, but the readings almost uniformly consist of neo-Marxist agitation — pleas for a socialist transformation of America,” Kurtz argued in National Review. “APAAS’s ‘debates,’ such as they are, explore precisely what sort of leftist radical you should be.”   

      At least one of the writers of the new program is a known Marxist radical who clamors for the “destruction” of capitalism, according to Kurtz, who serves as a senior fellow at the conservative-leaning Ethics and Public Policy Center.  

      One of the topics in the AP course even makes the case that treating individuals equally without regard to race, derisively described in quotes as “post-racial racism,” is actually racist. Throughout the curriculum, Western civilization is portrayed as a racist evil to be destroyed.  

      The Marxist propaganda and race-mongering in the course is so extreme that it will run afoul of numerous state laws banning Critical Race Theory (CRT) and other anti-American extremism in the classroom. Even if it is not illegal, though, Kurtz encourages state and local authorities to ban it. 

      “The course’s political bias is so egregious that the presence or absence of CRT laws is almost beside the point”, he said, saying authorities nationwide must reject the extreme indoctrination. “APAAS is wrong for our schools. Governors, legislators, and state and local education officials must act accordingly.” 

      Kurtz highlights a number of specific examples of the unhinged rants of Marxist radicals contained in the curriculum. It is almost hard to believe that anyone could imagine such revolutionary and idiotic propaganda could be seriously proposed for high-school students, or anyone else.   

      The College Board was once ostensibly apolitical. But the hate propaganda and indoctrination has grown progressively more extreme in recent decades, to the point that its famous SAT has lost a major share of the college admissions testing market and historians across the political spectrum have spoken out.     

      Many of the radical changes have come in under ideologue David Coleman, one of the architects of the almost universally despised Common Core. Coleman’s tenure saw the SAT aligned with Common Core in addition to an extreme radicalization of AP curricula — especially in history.

      The College Board continues to infect the minds of America’s brightest young people with intellectual poison and lies — all at taxpayer expense. States, districts, and schools should refuse to participate in this brazen attempt to enslave Americans by brainwashing the nation’s youth.

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