San Francisco Schools Transition Students to New Genders Behind Parents’ Backs

      Government indoctrination centers in San Francisco are teaching children as young as kindergarten to choose their gender, then helping those same students to “transition” without even informing their parents, explosive documents released by a whistleblower showed. 

      Perhaps the most astounding document is a worksheet titled “Elementary Name and Pronoun Information Sheet.” The sheet, marked “confidential,” encourages children between kindergarten and 5th grade to give their “official name,” the name they would like to be called in class, and the name the child wants used “with your grown-ups,” also known as parents. 

      In other words, the school district is encouraging children to pick a new gender and new pronouns — and then hide that from their parents, with help from the school. Produced by San Francisco Unified School District’s Student & Family Services Division, the document is available in eight languages, including Chinese and Arabic. 

      “We hope that this guidance supports educators to take steps in incorporating gender inclusive practices in their equity stance that will in turn benefit and support students throughout SFUSD,” wrote Student & Family Services Division Pronouns Chief Mele Lau-Smith and Dr. Nicole Priestly, chief academic officer at the Curriculum & Instruction Division. Both individuals listed their “pronouns”.

      By the time students get to secondary school, the district encourages them to get involved with “Q Groups.” Among other functions, these can help “connect students to mental health professionals and clinics that offer gender-affirming health services.” Those “services” include hormones, puberty blockers, surgical mutilation of genitals, breast removal, and more. 

      The brainwashing begins early, though. A “guidebook” for teachers released by the San Francisco Unified School District also encourages teachers to have students decide whether to be referred to by pronouns such as “it.” Teachers are also encouraged to interrupt whenever they observe somebody “misgendering” or “misnaming” a student. Not using a child’s preferred pronouns is considered “bullying and harassment.”

      For teachers who may not be “comfortable” leading these “discussions” with the poor victims trapped in government schools, the district also pointed to some “great videos” that could be used for the purpose. But even teachers are encouraged to model the madness. A school document used for “International Pronouns Day” last year, for example, urges them not to use Mr., Ms. or Mrs., but rather the “gender-neutral” term “Mx.” 

      Binary relationships also must be destroyed. Instead of boyfriend or girlfriend, teachers are told to consider using “images that normalize a variety of relationship/family formations.” And instead of “mother and father,” teachers are urged to use terms such as “caregiver 1 and caregiver 2,” as if there were no differences between the roles of mothers and fathers. The agenda is clear.  

      A slide on “Queering Identity” gives definitions such of terms such as “Sex Assigned at Birth”: “Label given at birth based on your body parts. Sexual orientation, meanwhile, is defined as “who you want to ‘get squishy’ with.” The other definitions are just as outrageous, if not more so. Some of the recommended resources are even worse, including multiple documents from well-known hate groups such as the SPLC. 

      According to 2017 data on children cited in the documents collected in government schools using the CDC’s Youth Risk Behavior Survey, more than 13 percent of students identified as something other than heterosexual that year. About 7 percent identified as something other than “cisgender,” or a person whose “sex assigned at birth” matches their “gender identity.”  

      No doubt the numbers are even higher today, five years later. In fact, in conservative Utah, the number of minor girls going through a medical “transition” to a “new gender” exploded by over 10,000 percent in just the brief five year period from 2015 to 2020, data from the state medical prescriptions database showed. 

      This outrageous abuse of captive children in government institutions should be considered a monumental crime, and everyone involved should be prosecuted. For virtually all of human history, it would have been. If and when American society ever regains its sanity, those responsible for imposing this evil madness on children must be held accountable.

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