Drag Show at Iowa School Prompts Heated Parental Response

      An outraged mother dressed up in the same skimpy costume worn by a hyper-sexualized “drag queen” who was paraded in front of students at a government school in Iowa, drawing national attention to the perversion being forced on school children even in conservative states. 

      The protesting mother, Iowa Momma Bears founder Kimberly Reicks, blasted the drag performer as a “Satanic worshipper” during a meeting of the Ankeny School Board earlier this month. She appeared dressed in a provocative outfit that looked like the drag queen’s bizarre choice of wardrobe. 

      According to the mother and various local news reports, the scandal began when a gender-bending LGBT group hosted a weirdo drag queen, Skyler Barning aka Komplete Moon, known for performing with a blood-like liquid all over his face. That happened in May.

      The protesters held pictures of the drag queen doing outrageous things. And video of the “performance” by the 21-year-old drag “artist” circulated widely online as brainwashed children cheered and hooted at the sexually explicit “dancing.”  

      “Does this outfit seem appropriate for anybody here to see?” Reicks asked members of the school board in her costume, saying she was embarrassed. “Because if this makes your head turn, if this pisses you off, then it should. Because this guy walked into our school, doing the exact the same thing.”

      “This outfit should not be ever accepted in our schools anywhere,” the activist mom continued to widespread support from the community at the meeting.  

      The story promptly got national attention after LibsofTikTok, the online account that exposes liberal outrages by showing them in their own words and deeds, made a post about it. Antifa activists responded by trying to intimidate the mom and call her names.  

      This all began with “Drag Queen Story Hour,” where men dressed as freakish caricatures of perverted women would read pro-LGBT books to children in government schools and libraries nationwide. Critics called it “grooming,” and more than a few of these “drag queens” were later exposed as sexual predators. 

      From there, it has now graduated to hosting actual drag shows, complete with provocative “dancing” and full-blown gender-bending, for children at school. Across America, children are also being encouraged to choose new genders and even submit to “gender-affirming” hormone treatments and surgeries. 

      Lawmakers and policymakers are increasingly seeking government action to protect children from this sort of perversion, grooming, and sexualization — especially in taxpayer-funded institutions. Elected officials in Florida have even called for parents who take their children to such events to be criminally prosecuted.

      How American parents could continue to send their children to these pseudo-educational institutions will likely baffle archeologists and historians of the future. At this point, there are few places less safe for children than these perverted government indoctrination centers. Parents: nobody is going to protect your children if you refuse to do so.

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