Teachers Arrested for Child Sex Crimes Every 24 Hours

      In an alarming and disturbing story you won’t hear reported by most Marxist media outlets in the U.S., hundreds of public school teachers have been arrested for child sex crimes so far in 2022. That equates to one every twenty-four hours.

      In just the first nine months of this year, at least two-hundred sixty-nine (269) K-12 “educators” have been arrested on child sex crimes. Is there a correlation with the fact record numbers of teachers identify as homosexual, lesbian, bi-sexual, or transgender? 

      Parents, once again, you’ve been warned.

      Seventy-four percent (74%) of these arrests involved alleged sex crimes committed by teachers against students. The charges range from grooming to raping underage children. Democrat teachers unions have kept many of these facts under wraps while they continue demanding more funding decade after decade.

      The growing list of so-called ‘educators’ arrested for sexual crimes contains four principals, two assistant principals, 20 teacher’s aides, and 226 teachers including 17 substitute teachers. At the current pace, in the time this story was first reported and my relaying it to you, seven more teachers will be arrested for child sex crimes. 

      The analysis by Fox News Digital looked at local news stories featuring arrests of K-12 public school educators in school districts across the country. The scary thing is the fact many arrests involving teachers are not reported by the media which means the actual number of teachers arrested is likely much higher. 

      If this story was about the Roman Catholic Church or Evangelical Christians, it would be front page news across the country. But the leftist-controlled big tech media conglomerate will cover for one of its sacred cash cows: the Democrat Party’s government-run schools.

      The number of teachers arrested for child sex abuse is just the tip of the iceberg — much as it was for the Catholic Church prior to widespread exposure and investigation in the early 2000s;” 

      City Journal’s Christopher Rufo, a senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute, says these numbers are “just the tip of the iceberg,” similar to the investigation into the Catholic church in the early 2000s.

      Rufo further states:

      “The best available academic research, published by the Department of Education, suggests that nearly 10% of public school students suffer from physical abuse between kindergarten and twelfth grade.”

      “According to that research, the scale of sexual abuse in the public schools is nearly 100 times greater than that of the Catholic Church,” he said. “The question for critics who seek to downplay the extent of public-school sexual abuse is this: How many arrests need to happen before you consider it a problem? How many children need to be sexually abused by teachers before you consider it a crisis?”

      Excellent question! Apparently, the last time the U.S. Department of Education released a report on this problem was nearly twenty years ago. 

      At the risk of stating the obvious, these teachers are simply acting on sexual desires and sinful impulses that have been promoted and normalized by Hollywood, social media, school books and sexualized curriculum in the classroom.

      A few quick examples of school predators include a former Michigan principal, elementary school teacher and coach who taught in multiple public schools and was charged with first-degree criminal sexual conduct and accused of sexually assaulting at least 15 boys during his education career spanning several decades.

      A Texas middle-school teacher was investigated earlier this year following allegations of misconduct involving a student, but they let him return to the classroom. He was charged with two counts of indecency with a child by sexual contact and put on administrative leave months later when the district launched an investigation.

      A Baltimore man was arrested last month, accused of impregnating a 14-year-old former student and having sexual relationships with multiple minors since 2009, including an 8-year-old student. The pervert has been charged with rape, numerous counts of second-degree assault, and various sex offenses. 

      Tragically, we could list more than one case for every day of the year and yet, most parents have no idea about these stories and how frequent they take place. 

      Amazingly, a report this past June, “Study of State Policies to Prohibit Aiding and Abetting Sexual Misconduct in Schools,” analyzed state policies that allow “suspected sexual abusers to quietly leave their jobs to possibly offend again in a different school district.” 

      Part of the problem is only 19 states require employers to request information from an applicant’s current and former employers. 

      There are many possible solutions. 

      First, acknowledge the truth instead of saying this could never happen in your town. Second, understand the level of depravity and deviancy within the public school system, and remove your children immediately if you haven’t already. 

      For parents deciding to take the risk and keep their kids in public school, you must be active and engaged every single day.

      Chris Rufo and others suggest school districts adopt a simple policy: pornographic and sexually explicit content must no longer be permitted in the classroom and school library. He says it’s a common-sense, age-appropriate restriction supported by 79% of the public according to recent surveys.

      But the left refuses to retreat on radical LGBTQ propaganda.

      Democrats in Virginia are pushing a new bill to give them power to put you in prison if you don’t affirm your child’s identity as a “non-binary,” “pansexual,” or “genderqueer.” That’s right, parents could face abuse charges for not going along with the delusion and affirming their LGBTQ child.

      A teacher friend sent me a school district email recently encouraging teachers to celebrate LGBTQ History Month in their classrooms during October. You’ve heard of ‘queer all year,’ right? The programming doesn’t stop in June (Pride Month). K-12 teachers also receive marching orders to support gender pronouns and “transitions.”

      It’s no surprise according to a report, 42,000 minors were diagnosed with gender dysphoria last year! Since the data was based on insurance claims for “gender transition” treatments in the last five years, the actual numbers may be much higher.

      This is a crisis the corrupt have created. I hope and pray you are not silent about it and know how to respond to those who normalize or defend depravity. They need the gospel.

      These are simply consequences of rejecting God, redefining truth, ignoring biology and reality, and minimizing the agendas to indoctrinate children. 

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