7th Graders Get “Ins and Outs of Gay Sex” at School

      Parents are outraged after a school in North Carolina was caught recommending the disgusting “This Book Is Gay” to 7th grade students. Among other outrages, the book teaches males how to engage in various sexual acts such as oral sex with other males. Other schools nationwide also have the book.

      The scandal went national after Christy Wade, a furious local mother, read excerpts from the book at the Charlotte-Mecklenburg School Board meeting last week. The graphic perversion is almost too much to believe, with 12-year-old children taught minute details of how to engage in abominable sex acts.

      In a chapter headlined “The Ins and Outs of Gay Sex,” for example, which the mother read out loud, children are given details of how to give “hand jobs” properly, calling it the “most important skill you will master” as a homosexual. “Good news is you can practice it on yourself,” the book says.

      The details are so outrageous and grotesque that, even though they are in a book being recommended by government “educators” for 7th graders, we will not quote them here. Suffice it to say that it is beyond the pale for any reasonable person — much less for children.    

      On its Amazon page, the book is promoted as an instruction manual for homosexuals. “There’s a long-running joke that, after ‘coming out,’ a lesbian, gay guy, bisexual, or trans person should receive a membership card and instruction manual,” it says. “THIS IS THAT INSTRUCTION MANUAL.”

      The school superintendent tried to claim the book was brought into the 7th grade classroom by a teacher who did not intend to give it to children. And yet, the book, written by homosexual turned transgender Juno Dawson, was on the ELA recommended reading list at Jay M. Robinson Middle School.

      After reading a number of excerpts, Wade blasts the district. “It’s no wonder that 92 percent of CMS graduating seniors aren’t college or career ready when you’re instructing them on how to give blow jobs and handies instead of teaching them how to add and subtract,” she fumed.

      “Superintendent, you say that this book was, quote, ‘brought into the classroom by a teacher with no intent to allow students to have access,’” she continued. “Any teacher that puts material like this on his or her bookshelf is either a bad teacher or a pedophile who grooms children.”

      The homosexual book is causing a stir in other communities, too. A mother in Michigan, for instance, filed a police report about it. Among other concerns, she warned that the book offered “dangerous” instructions on how to join online apps to find sexual partners for casual encounters. 

      “I knew I had to take action before somebody got hurt,” concerned mother Stephanie Butler told Detroit-area ABC affiliate WXYZ, adding that the book also contains arguments against Christian and Islamic beliefs about sex. A spokesman for the police department said it was being investigated.

      The individuals responsible for this abusive sexualization of children should be prosecuted and jailed — not sitting in a classroom with kids at taxpayer expense. But as long as American parents continue to allow their children to be abused and groomed by perverts in this manner, the horror will get worse.

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