At UN “Climate” Summit, School Children in the Crosshairs

      Government officials, world leaders, and “climate” alarmists gathered in Egypt for the United Nations COP27 “climate change” summit have a key target in their sights that at first glance has little to do with alleged man-made global warming: The minds of impressionable school children around the globe. The goal: Brainwash them, and then turn them into activists.  

      Indeed, propagandizing students throughout their many years captive in government schools is seen by governments and the UN as crucial to the overall agenda to restructure civilization under the guise of “climate change” and “sustainable development.” They have been saying it quite openly for years. 

      But now, the effort to brainwash children is taking center stage, as autistic Swedish teenager and climate alarmist Greta Thunberg is paraded before the young people of the world as some sort of super-heroine worthy of emulation and praise.  

      UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, who led the Socialist International before taking over the UN, put it bluntly. “If there was one seed to prevent climate change,” he said, “it was education.”  

      According to, which describes itself as the “world’s largest recruiter to the environmental movement” with more than 150,000 “partners,” world leaders are on board, too. In a UN review of statements by leaders on transforming education, around a third of submitted statements “Committed to integrating climate-change education into curricula” and promoting “carbon-neutrality.”

      Separately, one of the most powerful education-focused institutions in the world, a global federation of teachers’ unions representing over 32 million educators dubbed “Education International,” is totally open about its agenda to brainwash children at the COP27. 

      In a post on the union federation’s website on its “Teach for the Planet” initiative, under the sub-header “ensure quality climate change education for all,” the agenda is laid out in plain sight. “Education is a powerful tool to support both mitigation and adaption efforts and should be recognized as such at COP 27,” the coalition of self-styled “educators” says. 

      “Governments must finance and implement reforms to include quality climate change education in curricula across subjects and grades, as well as in initial teacher training courses and professional development opportunities,” Education International goes on. 

      In a Tweet addressed to “world leaders at COP27,” Education International General Secretary David Edwards echoed those talking points. “As world leaders debate the future of humanity at COP27, teachers stand with students to demand bold action to cut carbon emissions and address the climate emergency,” he said. “Education is a critical part of any effective strategy.”

      “Climate action starts in our classrooms,” Edwards continued, blaming everything from floods to droughts on human emissions of the “gas of life,” as non-corrupt scientists refer to CO2. “Our teach for the planet campaign advocates for the key role education has to play in addressing the climate crisis. The world needs quality climate education.” 

      Even more importantly, it must have a “civic action focus embedded across the curriculum,” he explained. In other words, the children must be weaponized and turned into activists. They will be taught not just “sustainable lifestyles,” but also the “power of civic action mobilization” as the ways to “address” the supposed crisis.

      Of course, none of this is new. In fact, the Next Generation Science Standards—national pseudo-scientific K-12 education standards created by the same totalitarian cabal behind Common Core—emphasize “climate change” (and evolution) more than virtually anything else. For obvious reasons, the scientific method is not mentioned once in the “science” standards.

      The totalitarian forces peddling the “climate crisis” narrative know that well-educated people who understand the scientific method will not join the cult, and so, they are targeting impressionable children around the world who do not know better. It is imperative that children be protected from these would-be brainwashers.

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